July 17, 2013

Own It

I know that I have written about this here and there previously but recent events and interactions have prompted me to write about it again.  This is the shadow work that is so important to our health, healing and evolution.  Basically, I would like to emphasize again that if you are emotionally triggered by any event, personal interaction or information that has come your way, it is a signal that you have an issue related to what has triggered you.  If that issue has come to your attention, it is up to you to deal with it in a clear and comprehensive way.  In other words, owning it is the first step to healing and then transcending it.  Please refer to the post on the shadow for more explanation. 

This mechanism of being triggered is a marvelous tool that we humans have been given to help us to evolve through the polarity and hidden aspects of our existence.  To base our lives on only what is obvious would be to miss much of what is going on in the shadow.  Also, not everyone would be triggered in the same way by the same event, as we all have different frames of reference, perspectives and different lessons to learn for ourselves.

There have been some recent events here in the US and around the world that have triggered people strongly, throwing them into the polarities of right or wrong, good or bad, and giving them an excuse to behave badly.  Drama is running rampant.  Something to always keep in mind is that the mass media is running and manipulating the show.  It’s the old “bread and circuses” ploy to keep us distracted while who knows what is really going on behind the curtain.  Because of this, it is even more important to remain conscious and aware, know yourself as best as you can and do not automatically fall into whatever drama is being promoted. 

So you are getting that nothing is simple, but on the other hand, it can be very simple if we pay attention to what is ours to work through.  This applies to any negative reaction to a world event or a distressing conversation with a loved one.  The same basic principles apply. 

I worked with a client the other day who told me that he had several book shelves full of new agey self help channeled materials.  He said that he had read the books and listened to the CD’s but none of that information had done him any good.  Now, I am certainly no longer a fan of that kind of stuff, but I will admit that there are nuggets of gold to be found anywhere, even there.  The trick is to dig out those nuggets and own them, too.  As we are triggered by the negatives in life, we can also experience those aha moments from any helpful information and use that to our advantage.  This is called owning your positive shadow.  No man is an island, and we humans are linked together in one giant tribe.  Information flows around and through us and there is much that will help to awaken us if we are paying attention. 

Bottom line—do you want to add to the positive or to the negative energetic quotient of humanity as a whole?  Each time you recognize and heal one of your issues, you will be contributing in a positive way to the awakening, re-membering and evolution of humanity.  That is the best that we can do right now, working on a individual level for the good of the whole. 

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