July 14, 2013

July launch

After a few months off, our launching group met for our July get together this morning.  I didn’t realize how much I missed this monthly event!  It is such a pleasure to engage in high level spiritual activity with a group of like minded souls. This is very rare indeed and we are so lucky to have our little group here.

Before we do the actual launching we always chat a bit about what is going on in the world from an energetic standpoint, catch up on the latest personal matters or share insights on anything else that has happened in the time since our last get together.  Of course, the main topic this summer has been the dry weather, so we shared a bit about possibilities for bringing in more rain.  Today we have lots of big clouds in the sky, so it is an ideal time to play around with more ideas. One of the participants spoke about how to “become” the rain to be able to work with it. This involves seeing it, smelling it, feeling it on your skin and then actually becoming it.  I believe that Native American rain dancers know how to do this.  Part of their ability involves knowing when rain is a possibility, and then calling it in. 

We did not use the rain issue as a group intent for the launchings, but several in the group experienced related information having to do with the atomic levels of matter.  When I launched, I found myself floating over our planet.  I saw a large black structure that felt like a black hole tethered to the equator via a very hefty black stream of energy.  As the earth rotated, the attached end of this stream would slide around the equator as the black hole stayed stationary.  This whole thing has something to do with our current erratic weather patterns.   What it is and where it came from, I do not know.  I also do not know how long it has been there, as I generally do not check the earth from above during my launchings.   I was guided not to do anything with this structure, so at that point I moved on.

I next found myself going to a place where I was dealing with atomic structures and sub atomic particles.  It then hit me.  One does not need a cloudy day to generate rain.  Oxygen and hydrogen atoms are floating all around us all of the time.  If one can raise their vibration to match that of these atoms, then they can easily be assembled into molecules and then clumps of molecules and on and on to rain drops and then a multitude of rain drops.  This can be done on a perfectly clear day!  With several like minded souls working together at the same time, this would be a definite possibility. 

I am also very interested in the natural abilities that some (or many) humans may have had up until the last cataclysm that took place about 13,000 years ago.  Is this the way that multi ton stones were softened so that they could be levitated and carved before being lowered into place?  There are many fine examples of this in Peru, and of course, we also have the mystery of the building of the Great Pyramid.  If the ancient ones were in tune and perfectly in balance with the nature kingdoms, working with the weather to bring harmony to the planet could also been possible.   

As others took their launching journeys, some also went to the atomic levels of matter.  Quite a synchronicity amongst us today!  When we meet like this, we are each bringing forward different pieces of the puzzle.  It’s so much more efficient than trying to do this alone. Are we tapping into an ability that humans once had and lost?  Can we regain this ability?  Can groups work together like this to assist our Mother Earth?  Wouldn't that be fantastic?

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