May 4, 2013

Solo Launching

Our local launching group is taking a break for a few months, but that does not mean that we need to forgo our journeys.  It’s a little trickier launching yourself alone, but it can be done.  

Launching in the way I will be describing expands one’s higher dimensional energy body and sends one’s focus of attention out into the cosmos to experience, explore and gather information.  That is the version that is easiest to comprehend.  The core essence is expanded in all directions through the breathing process at the start of the launch, and through intent, one’s focus of attention then rests on the “bubble” of their expanded core essence at a certain location in a higher dimension.  There is really no way of knowing exactly where this location is.  This is a sacred process which also generates feelings of well being and the re-membering of yourself as the great cosmic being that you truly are.   

When we do this as a group, everyone assists the person launching and holds space for that person.  The launchee chooses the number of minutes (usually from 4 to 6) that they would like to spend on their journey.  At the end of this time period, the group assists in bringing the energy field and consciousness focus of the launchee back into their body.  Then a report is given by the person who just took their journey.

Here is the way you would do this on your own.  First, it is very important to have a proper place for your launching.  I recommend that you lay on some sort of padding on the floor, like a yoga mat, and have a light blanket nearby in case you need it.  Any physical distraction like hunger, any ache or pain, or a room that is too hot or too cold might distract you from your journey.  Do not lie in bed, as you do not want to be so comfortable that you would fall asleep.  Your space should be very quiet and without distractions.  Ear plugs may be needed if there are noises that you would not be able to block out.

Once you are set up, decide on a general intent for your launching.  There might be something out there that you would like to experience or information to be gathered.  Try not to be too structured.  Leave room for your spirit and higher self to provide the experience that you need in that moment. 

Your next step is to expand your core essence to its fullest, following the guidelines in the core essence post.  It is extremely important to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth while you do this.  That will put you into an altered state and also in contact with the quantum field at the same time.  Take as much time as you need for this part. 

When you have expanded your core essence bigger than your body, and keeping in mind your intent, use one last big blast of exhaled air to send your focus of conscious attention out into the cosmos like a rocket.  At this point, it is extremely important to keep your focus of attention away from your body and trust that you will travel to where you need to be.  Have no expectations about what you are experiencing, and just allow yourself to glide along and see or sense your surroundings.  Take what you get without trying to change anything.  Your intent will take you to where you need to be. 

You will return from your journey when you are ready, so don't worry that you will get stuck out there and not be able to get back.  If you received some good stuff, you might want to write it down, as one does when keeping a dream journal.  Remember that if you experience it, it exists.  There is nothing original in the universe and you will not be making anything up, no matter how unusual your experience may seem.  Most likely, what you will experience will be symbolic, like having a dream, and not very literal at all. Some further interpretation may be necessary. Feel free to refer to the posts on previous launchings for examples of what can be experienced.

This is an exercise that may need to be done repeatedly as you become more comfortable with launching yourself.  Your skill levels will get better the more you do this, too.  Do not give up if your results are not the greatest at first.  Our local group has been launching for about 18 months off and on now, and each time we meet, we can see improvements in each other's levels of expertise with the process. 

Our natural state is that of the cosmic explorer.  We just happen to be anchored in a human body right now and also subject to the “forgetting” that we all agreed to before coming here.  It is time to pierce those veils and start to venture out into the realms that we will return to once we have completed our sojourns here on Planet Earth. Have fun! 

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