April 25, 2013

What's Going On?

Last night at dance class I heard about yet another acquaintance who has been recovering from a fairly serious bout of a flu like illness.  What is going on?  There have been so many cases of the flu, bronchitis, colds, and all manner of fever and fatigue causing ailments going around since Thanksgiving.  Frequently, a person gets rid of something and is recovering, and then a few weeks later, they come down with something else.  These maladies seem to linger much longer than they should.  There also seem to be more complaints of general fatigue and lack of motivation.  Recovery is difficult even with the help of medical practitioners.

What is causing this?  I can only speculate at this point.  Certainly if a person’s immune system is weakened, they will get sick easier and more frequently.  Diet, lifestyle and physical fitness levels all play a part.  How about the stress that is felt when one’s inner path conflicts with their external life choices?  These contributing factors would be up to each individual to assess.  Add to that a toxic environment or an unhealthy diet.  The list goes on.

We also have the ongoing situation of the acceleration of vibration in our reality. We are living in a pressure cooker.  So many people cannot handle this, and they are getting sick as a result.  Many are choosing to exit the earthly plane because they cannot keep up.  This particular situation will not let up any time soon. 

I like to look at the underlying energetics of any situation, and in this case, there seems to be an effect on the whole of humanity instead of an individual cause for each.  Do you remember in one of the “Star Wars” movies when there was talk of a “disturbance in the force”?  It feels like this is what we are dealing with, and for some, they are manifesting this disturbance as a physical illness.  For others, it may be a mental or emotional manifestation.  What about the school shootings in the recent years, or the even more recent Boston Marathon bombings as being manifestations of this disturbance?

People are probably feeling the effects of very long term and chronic stress that is flowing along in the deepest layers of our unconscious.  We also have unresolved energetic distortions at these levels.  When the deep stress levels trigger our unconscious patterns, we get what I have described—physical, emotional or mental symptoms.  If our unresolved patterns are not dealt with, the symptoms persist. 

As I write this I am reminded of the shamanic practice of sorcery.  A sorcerer creates a negative energy to target another person with, and inserts that energy where that other person has an already existing weakness.  The “disturbance in the force” is like that, affecting each according to their weakness.  Where this disturbance is coming from is another matter.  It could be a manifestation in the mass consciousness created by the thought forms coming from humanity, or part of an off planet agenda to weaken and overpower us.  I am sure that the cause will be revealed eventually.  

What can we do?  Clean up our lifestyles and do our best to minimize stress caused by internal conflict, which is what stress really is.  This may mean saying “no” more often, and taking more time for ourselves.  Be vigilant as to what issues are being triggered deep within by the energetic disturbances.  This is actually a good thing, as often we need to get sick or laid up to understand what is going on.  My book "Traversing the Infinite Now" gives lots of helpful hints for how to recognize when we have been triggered, and some simple methods for moving the stuck energy out of our field.  The key is to keep your energy field moving, as stuck energy leads to the issues I have been talking about.  Keep firmly anchored to the planet, no matter what is going on.  Keep your core essence expanded, which will keep you energy levels high, and remember that every distressful event is an opportunity to achieve self knowledge and growth. 

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