April 20, 2013


I have been back from my trip for a few days now, and finally have time to write.  The trip was great, with lots of time out in the desert, virtually no TV watching, and only minimal checking of e-mails and phone messages.  It feels like I am in a whole new space now, and I would like to continue in that energy as long as I can.  That is why I would like to talk about resetting, as that is what it feels like to me. 

Our world of endless distractions is designed to focus our attention external to ourselves and away from our core knowing and our connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun.  We chose to experience these challenges to our spiritual evolution and internal connection to strengthen our ability to focus and move forward in an autonomous way.  It’s not always easy, and the vast majority of humanity does not even realize that they are immersed in a sea of energy that is counterproductive to fostering the internal connection.  The ability to receive internal messages and direction is overridden and drowned out by the need to watch and react to the latest news, answer the latest text message, talk on one’s smart phone while grocery shopping, play games on the latest hand held device, and keep up with social media.  Added to that are the demands of friends and family to do this, go there and take care of whatever.   

That is why an occasional resetting is in order.  This can be a simple as setting aside time each day in quiet and solitude to tune in and settle down without distractions.  This may be easier for some than for others depending on their lifestyle and living situation.  I find that listening to some Hemi-Sync® with headphones on can help quiet the brain’s need to keep busy.

Spending time each day out in nature also facilitates the resetting process.  Our whole physical existence and experience here on this planet is supported by our Earth Mother, so why not commune with her and her kingdoms in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation each day?  You will find that your intuition and insights are greatly enhanced by doing this.  It will be easier for you to quiet your mind and go into altered states of consciousness out in nature, too. 

I get enough time out in nature and in quietude, but what helps me reset is getting away from it all like I recently did.  I can really feel the difference in my engagement with the external distractions versus my strengthened inner connection.  For me, an almost complete disconnect from home life is the most helpful.  That way, when I get back, I can feel the difference energetically. 

Of course, how one maintains the reset state is up to them, as the distractions will keep drawing us back into the external busyness.  Nevertheless, once the change is made, and if one is somewhat attentive and vigilant, things may never go completely back to the way they were before the reset.  Progress will be slow but sure, and when you look back on your life even weeks or months prior, you will notice a difference in your ability to connect within. 

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