March 5, 2013

Quantum Sphere Healing

A year ago almost exactly to the day, I was at the Monroe Institute in Virginia taking a brand new course called Explorer Imperative.  As many of you may know, Robert Monroe created the Hemi-Sync® Technology that is used during most of the workshops at TMI.  This workshop was different.  It used a new technology that had been researched and developed by Skip Atwater called Spatial Angle Modulation, or SAM for short. Instead of attuning the brainwaves to the theta state, or 4 to 7 beats per second, as the Hemi-Sync® does, the SAM technology attunes the brainwaves to gamma, which is about 40 beats per second.  Theta is perfect for journeying and healing work, while the gamma puts you right into the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  In the quantum field, you have access to all information on every dimension at the same time.  Gamma is also the brain wave state that Tibetan monks achieve when they are meditating. 

A few days into the class, we were introduced to the concept of the Quantum Sphere.  This is a tool that is used for navigating the quantum field.  During one of the exercises later that day, my higher guidance came forward and showed me how to use the Quantum Sphere in my healing practice.  This new technique was  presented fully formed and ready to use.  What a gift, and to this day I am still so eternally grateful for being given this information.  This new process enables the person using it to access a much broader scope of the issue being addressed because of the nature of working in the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  One can access past lives, genetic inherited patterns, contracts, curses, pre-birth, birth and early childhood issues, and even off planet and inter-dimensional themes. 

As soon as I returned home from the Monroe Institute, I started using this process by combining it with the shamanic healing that I had been doing.  It became clear that I also needed a way of clearing the heavy energy from the physical body, so I asked my higher guidance about this. Another major part of the whole healing process was then provided like magic.  I was given a healing orb that can travel through the energetic patterning of the physical body to dissolve any heavy energy that shows up as related to the client’s issue.  This orb also uncovers and clears past lives and genetic inherited patterns, attachments of all kinds, and can be used on pets. 

The end result of combining these 2 processes with a few extras was the creation of Quantum Sphere Healing.  To keep my brain wave state in gamma, I also use headphones and some special sound tracks while I am doing the healing work with QSH.  Now, when I work on a client, I have the option of using the traditional shamanic healing, the QSH, or a combination of both.  If the client has removed their chakras, this modality can be used on them, as the QSH does not work with chakras at all.  These processes can also be split up and recombined with other healing modalities such as massage, acupuncture and shamanic work.  

I have started training people in the Quantum Sphere Healing modalities.  You do not need to have any prior healing experience at all to learn how to do this.  All exercises in class are guided by me through a special sound system, and students keep their brain waves in gamma with the use of headphones and sound tracks. The other very huge benefit to taking the training is that the expansion of our core essence is done before every exercise so that by the end of the 3 day class, everyone’s vibrational levels have gone up tremendously.  New insights and personal healing are had by all attending, in addition to the opportunity to ask questions about personal or global energetic issues. 

If you are interested in having a QSH session with me, please go to my Appointments page.  For a current workshop schedule, go to the Workshops page.  I welcome anyone who would like to further their own spiritual and energetic evolution through this work. It has made a huge difference for me as the facilitator of this work, as well as for those who have already taken the class.  

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