January 5, 2013

Who Are We?

We are each eternal and infinite consciousness or spirit that has chosen to experience life in a physical body on planet Earth.  We are here to learn, experience and create.  Sometimes the learning and experiencing involves pain and suffering, trauma and drama, but that is all part of our chosen experience.  We have always existed and always will in some form.  The laws of physics say that energy cannot be destroyed.  It just changes form.  Take a moment to feel into what I just told you.  Feel it down to your core.  Feel the calmness and strength of self empowerment that comes over you with the realization that you are so much grander than you can imagine.

During one of my journeys in a class at the Monroe Institute, I projected my consciousness out of our universe to see what I would discover.  This universe looked like a huge bubble floating in space.  I then realized that there were many other such bubbles nearby, other universes, clustered together like a bunch of grapes.  These make up our multi-verse.  It also became clear that the creative process of All That Is goes on infinitely, but the space within the bubble of our universe is finite.  So, can we hypothesize that the multi-verse may be also contained in its own much larger energetic bubble with other multi-verses?  Does this process go on and on and on ad infinitum?  It boggles the mind, especially if we assume that we humans as spirit in a physical body are the end result of a stream of consciousness extending from the All That Is right down to our embodiment in the here and now. 

To add to the fun, a higher aspect of you that resides beyond time and space has most likely projected additional aspects of itself into the lower dimensions.  These may include other embodiments on planet Earth, or other planets in other solar systems or in other galaxies.  These aspects may have a physical human body, or extraterrestrial body or just an energy body in the 4th dimension somewhere.  My belief is that they are all humanoid, having a head, two arms and two legs, and not an animal form.  In addition, if we take a perspective from a higher dimension that is outside of time and space, all of this is happening at once.  

Getting back to the human form, our vessel for evolution is the species Homo sapiens, which according to scientific accounts is only 200,000 years old anatomically and 50,000 years old behaviorally.  Species wise, we are very young indeed. Was the human body that our soul currently occupies something that was engineered or created for us to inhabit?  And by whom? 

So why do we not remember all of this?  An energetic veil dropped into place at some point during our first incarnation on Earth.  This was by design and caused us to forget who we are as infinite creator beings.  We needed to agree to this spiritual amnesia to be able to experience all we came here to do.

The good news is that with all of the energetic acceleration in spiritual evolution that has taken place in the last few years, we can proceed with our re-membering.  The tricky part will be to free ourselves from more than just the effects of the forgetting.  We have many layers of matrix programming to recognize and release, too.  The veils are thinning, and those who would like to embody and live from their greater core essence will be able to do so.  This blog is dedicated to those who are awakening from their very long slumber. 

As George Kavassilas says “We are the ones that we have been waiting for.” 

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  1. "The time has come to read the scrolls of our own soul" GK "love that one"