January 3, 2013


Welcome to the Carla Fox Blog. So much has happened to me in the realms of spirit this past year of 2012, and especially the last few months, that I have been guided to create this blog to share my insights and teachings.  It is my sincere hope that all who read these words and feel the energy behind the words, will be able to use some or all of what I write about to re-member who they are and what they are here to accomplish.  It is also my joy in service to provide tools to assist in this re-membering. 

I had very briefly considered writing another book, but the realms of energy and spirit are moving and shifting so fast, that I needed a format that would allow the information to stay timely and current.  In 2012, we experienced an energetic acceleration like none before in our lifetimes.  It felt like our inner world was moving faster than our outer, with not much time to catch up and integrate.  That is why a lot of the information I will be putting forth will also be reflections on events of the past year.  The goal is to give you tools to gain insights into where you have just been, to come to a more complete integration of the past year’s energetic shifts, and to use these tools to move you gracefully into 2013.

We have just passed the famed 12/21/12 date, and instead of a completion of sorts, we are temporarily hovering in the gap, getting ready to dive into 2013.  I feel that this year will be quite the pressure cooker.  The Big Squeeze will be the order of the day, and we need to have a firm connection to our core essence to be able to negotiate through all of the changes ahead.  These will range from your inner processes to those in the world arena at large. 

I ask that you take what resonates from these writings and leave the rest behind.  I can get pretty radical and out there with my ideas.  Must be Uranus on my ascendant!  On the other hand, all of the occurrences and insights I will be describing are a result of direct experience, whether in the inner or outer planes.  You will be challenged by some of this and perhaps have your buttons pushed, but you will never be bored.  I can also guarantee that you will expand your horizons by reading about concepts new and different, but at the same time totally authentic. 

My desire is to assist each of you to re-member who you truly are as spirit having a physical experience.  The opportunity to come to completion with your re-membering in this lifetime is being offered to all.  It is up to you to take advantage of this.  May the eternal light of your own core essence guide you along your path to your chosen destiny.  I invite you to read on.

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