January 4, 2013

My Path

I have been a student of various spiritual teachings most of my life, primarily through reading and not experiencing or embodying energies from spirit.  In 2000, after leaving a long term marriage, I literally stumbled upon the shamanic practices of the Peruvian people and started studying with Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society.  For the next 10 years, I did some assistant teaching for the Four Winds, and then went out on my own training shamanic practitioners and healers in the US and abroad.  I still currently maintain a shamanic healing practice here in southwest Colorado. 

A number of years after embarking on my shamanic career, I began looking for other spiritual or energetic modalities that would enhance my shamanic practice but wouldn’t require me to learn something totally different or necessitate attaching myself to a specific teaching, group or teacher.  I was keeping my eyes and ears open, but nothing showed up for quite some time.

Then, in early 2010, I was guided to take my first workshop at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. Working with altered states of consciousness using the Hemi-Sync® Technology opened up whole new vistas of inner exploration for me and enhanced my shamanic journeying skills at the same time. I have taken most of the core classes at TMI, and have had many experiences there that were even too way out to share in class.  I ended up creating a class called “Waves of Change” to share the Hemi-Sync® Technology and altered states of consciousness in combination with personal spiritual evolution. 

In 2011, I wrote a book entitled “Traversing the Infinite Now” to assist others in keeping on track with where their lives are going as they walk their path spiritually. 

Fast forward to the dynamic year of 2012, where a big acceleration has occurred for me and I know for many others as well.  In March I took a class at TMI called Explorer Imperative.  Quite cutting edge as it featured a new technology created by Skip Atwater called SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation).  SAM technology puts the experiencer right into the gamma brain wave state, which is 40 hertz or beats per second, as opposed to the theta of the Hemi-Sync® Technology which is 4 to 7 hertz.  Gamma is the brain wave state of meditating Tibetan Monks.  Quite powerful.  As a result of taking this class, I created a new healing modality called Quantum Sphere Healing which I am now teaching to others and using on clients.  All of my classes and my book can be accessed at www.QuantumStargate.com. 

Other very major influences this year have been the work of George Kavassilas and travel to sacred sites in the UK and Egypt.  I encourage everyone to check out George’s numerous radio interviews on www.ourjourneyhome.com.au, and his book “Our Universal Journey”. The sacred site trips were led by Julie Gullick-Wiley of www.SpiritandAdventure.com .  Both of her trips provided the energy, time and space for amazing transformations to occur. 

All in all, I am on my own path of re-membering who I am as an eternal spirit having an earthly experience.  This is the path of autonomy, freedom, connection with my higher aspects and guidance, and ascension.  I am honored to be able to share my path with you. 

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