November 6, 2020

Native American Showcase


Here in the US, November is Native American Heritage Month, and this week in particular is Native American Heritage Week.  There are quite a few Native American students at Southern Utah University here in Cedar City.  The members of NASA, the Native American Student Association, put on a variety of events this week, which culminated in their Showcase this afternoon.  This involved singing, drumming, traditional dance demonstrations, and cultural teaching. 

I have to say that it was so refreshing to see these young people who are going to college, and at the same time, keeping their native traditions alive.  I tuned into the energy in the room, and I really liked how it felt.   The students were primarily Navajo and Paiute, with a few Hopi.  They had come together in harmony and to support each other in spite of any cultural differences they might have.  Interesting that when they communicated with each other, they all spoke in the Navajo language. 

With the presentations today, I could feel the connection to all of the nature kingdoms and the honoring of our Earth Mother.  Below are some photos and videos.  

The young man with the hoops is a pre-med student.  

This young lady is describing the symbology of the wedding basket.
Here are the singers, although they are also the drummers!


When I lived in Montana, I used to go to the annual All Nations Pow Wow north of Missoula in Arlee.  The beat of the drums was just hypnotic.  This beat will also put you into an altered state of consciousness by design.  I hope these short videos have given you a taste of that energy. 

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