August 29, 2020

The Null Zone

Once again, I am finding myself in the void, or null zone.  It is a calm and floaty place to be.  I have finished my Controlled Remote Viewing training with Paul Smith, and will be taking a 3 day workshop in CRV with Angela Smith next weekend.  That should wrap things up for now.  After that, I will be joining a group that features Associative Remote Viewing.  That is a type of remote view that is used in prediction work, and is faster, easier, and less time consuming.  It is based more on one’s psychic abilities, so that should be fun and interesting.

I’ve also dropped out of the meditation group that I had been a part of since I moved to Cedar City.  I may rejoin in the future if they can get their act together! 

This is a weird floaty place, almost in slow motion, but at the same time, somewhat comforting.  There is no need to effort or do anything, but just to wait and see what shows up.  Signs and information that have come to me in the past week indicate that if I make a choice to engage in something new, I must be very discerning as to if the new thing is to my benefit or not.  Always take a second look before deciding.  I will be trying out the ARV to see if it fits the bill for me. 

In the mean time, we are finally starting to cool off here, and there has been some sporadic rain in the area.  I can’t believe that September is just a few days away!  The leaves will be turning soon. 

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