June 25, 2020

Are You Expanding or Contracting?

As Tom Kenyon is fond of saying, we are currently experiencing a huge chaotic node that is part of our evolutionary path here on planet earth.  Everything has been turned upside down, and each person is experiencing this time differently.  Regardless of the state of the world right now, we are all still spiritual beings having a physical experience, and should be conducting our lives as such.  I would like to add that fear should have no place if you are living this kind of life. 

In light of this, are you in the process of expanding and evolving as a self directed process, or contracting and devolving as a reaction to the current chaos?  I recently worked with a client who had stopped her spiritual practice because she was spending all of her time worried and stressed out about the corona virus situation.  Of course, she has not been sick, but such carrying on can certainly lower one’s immune defenses and she might get sick as a result of that. 

I always go with the premise that we are all creating our own reality, whether we realize it or not.  Our reality is created by our conscious thoughts and actions, but also by the patterns that we hold in our unconscious.  This might make it seem that we are subject to random events and difficulties, but in reality, some part of ourselves has created these difficulties as part of our evolutionary path. The challenge is to recognize this and own it, no matter how distasteful it may feel. 

I have been listening to the nighttime alternative radio show Coast to Coast AM off and on since the mid 90’s.  George Noory is the host, and he interviews people from all walks of life on topics that are spiritual, financial, health related, alternative, you name it.  His recent guest was Vincent Genna, a psychic.  When George asked him to give his opinion on why humanity is in such a mess right now, Vincent replied that people were not doing their inner work.  In addition, he said that humanity has not evolved spiritually at all in eons.  We have not attained the skill and spiritual maturity that is our birthright as humans. 

Wow!  Did that ring a bell!  As spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth, our inner work should be a priority and not an option.  Yet, here we are, projecting our issues on everyone else, acting up and acting out our inner wounds, and falling prey to all kinds of negative energies.  We should all know better. 

Back in the 90’s, I took part in several very large spiritual groups, led by guru type teachers.  There was a common drive to attain “enlightenment” back then, these teachers promoted themselves as having the key to that.  If we worked hard and did everything that these people advised, we would progress spiritually.  What I observed instead were a multitude of issues being buried because of the common teaching of the day to ignore the negative stuff and focus only on the “light”.  Consequently, the dark side was being acted out behind the scenes, causing a lot of trouble for everyone.  One teacher’s wife died of stomach cancer (what was going on that she could no longer stomach?) and he promptly married his children’s nanny.  Another ran into legal trouble because she physically assaulted an office volunteer, in addition to financial hanky panky in the state where she was operating, and as a result, her tax exempt status was revoked.  The third, who was about 10 years younger than me, passed away in 2016, after a long battle with some dark forces. 

I digress.  My point is this.  These were people who held themselves up as paradigms of spirituality, yet, were not doing their inner work.  Does this remind you of anyone prominently featured in the news these days?  Mostly everyone!  Think about what our world would be like nowadays if everyone was able to do their own inner work and stop projecting their wounds onto other people.

What does inner work consist of?  It involves first of all the commitment to seeing yourself with a clear eye, warts and all.  Own up to everything that is not working in your life.  Own it!!!  Stop dumping it onto others.  Some kind of meditation or contemplation practice is also helpful.  Working with your Inner Child can give you helpful insights as to which inner wounds have been triggered during times of emotional upset.  Whenever anything goes sideways, reference yourself first, and go within for solutions.  And the very most important thing is to love yourself unconditionally at all times.  Mother yourself in a way that your own mother never did.  Self nurturing and that inner connection will help you to stay out of fear. By embracing and connecting to your inner self and working through issues as they come up, you will keep evolving and expanding.


  1. I was following SSXX when I first waked up in the 90' and starting my ascension path. Somehow I never had a chance to attend her seminars in hawaii. When she suddenly removed all her work on SSXX and move on to syneregy and no longer work with mother earth, I felt something wrong about it. I do notice during the time of SSOA, she would cut off her group members all the time sounds weird. anyway, she passed away, and I feel lost for a while, until now I know I don't need any guru in my life , I am from the source like anyone .I am from the knowing ones from bear constellation

    1. I was thrown out of the group in 2000, blackballed and slandered. Lost many friends as a result, but that great wake up call put me back on the right path.

  2. Besides you, I am also into Geroge Kavassilas. He is a great guy, I watched all of his videos from YT. I hope I can attend one of his workshops in the near future. I will remove my chakra by myself, and will love to check with you later . If in case unsuccessfully, I hope I can work with you . I am over 50 and being a recent widower with no children, I know it is the time to leave the matrix and 'go home'.

  3. Please read my blog on Chakra Removal before you attempt it. Afterwards, I would be happy to check your success! Here is the link. http://www.thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/chakra-removal.html

  4. Wow I have listened to coast to coast my whole life, and really needed the message in this tonight. Once again thank you! I have found you blog at the right time once again, amazing. Thank you!

  5. Me too! I have been listening since the mid 90's.