May 6, 2020


In general, most of us have had to deal with some kind of fear during our lifetime.  Certainly, with the world wide pan hysteria over the corona virus, the emotion of fear has come up more often and stronger for a lot of us.  Today I would like to give my take on what fear is and where it comes from.

Our goal as autonomous spiritually evolving beings is to take control of our lives and environments while realizing that we are truly the creators of our reality in every way.  By this, I do not mean that we should orchestrate completely every minute of every day, but certainly, through critical thinking and knowing ourselves inside and out, we can act appropriately and not react to everyday events. 

By adopting this viewpoint, we begin to realize that fear is an internally generated emotional state.  At its very basic and primitive level, it represents the fight or flight response.  I would like to add freeze to that mix, too.  It is very useful in certain circumstances, but may not come up that often for a modern human. 

Fear may also combine with physical or emotional responses such as panic, hyperventilating, rapid heartbeat, crying, running, insomnia, worrying, and on and on!  I repeat again, fear and all of its symptoms are internally generated. As a side note, stress is also an internally generated state which involves an inner conflict between what you should do with what your true guidance is leading you to do.  That is a topic for another day!

What generates the fear response from an internal perspective?  In my healing practice, I have noticed that the clients who hold more than the normal amount of fear about everything have had some sort of damage done to them in the start of life years.  This is mainly from conception, through gestation and birth, and on through the formative years of age 1 through 7.  Damage done in this age bracket causes what I call a shaky foundation in life.  These clients do not weather the ups and downs of life very well, and develop a whole host of distorted reactions including chronic fear. 

Examples of this damage include unintended pregnancy, mother in an unsafe situation during pregnancy, birth complications or cesarean birth which prevents bonding with mother, violence, drug abuse or alcoholism in the family, or any number of situations where you as the child were not protected.  You then adopt the attitude that the earth is a dangerous place, and you react to life’s events from that standpoint.  In extreme cases, the person is reluctant to take a walk outside, go to a crowded place, or try something new, and paranoia can be the result. 

So getting back to today’s worldwide situation, how much fear is coming up for you?  Do you fit into the early life damage situation?  Remember that the damage can be very subtle, and does not need to be a big obvious event.  The very best solution is to go within and connect with your Inner Child.  She is the part of you that is wise and connected to your higher guidance, but also carries the imprints of all of your unhealed wounds.  If you are experiencing a strong emotion that is really throwing you off of your center, it is most likely being generated by your Inner Child, who is saying “Look at me.  I need help.  I am suffering, and you are ignoring me!”  I won’t go into what you need to do at this point, but will give support references at the end of this post. 

Getting back to the corona virus situation, first of all, if you are meant to succumb to this ailment, which by the way has killed far fewer people than the seasonal flu, it is already in your life plan to do so.  Fear can also damage your immune system, so all the more reason to get a handle on it.  Take the observer stance, take a step back and use your critical thinking skills, which sad to say, have hit a new low in the human population.  Do not listen to the ominous and regular broadcasts on the mainstream (lamestream) news.  The quoted statistics are all skewed, anyway.  Be aware of the news media’s agenda to promote the pan hysteria for the benefit of who knows who.  Why is the planet’s economy being trashed for an unusually difficult flu season?  Why is the catch phrase “Stay home. Stay safe.”  Why not “Stay healthy.” instead?  That phrase does not generate the levels of fear like the current motto does. 

Be self referencing as to how you handle things.  This may not be how your neighbor acts or reacts.  Be your own person.  If you acknowledge that fear is generated internally, then you must also acknowledge that safety and protection are generated from inside you, too!  In addition to joy, contentment, and a whole host of positive reactions to life’s circumstances. 

There is some sort of off planet agenda to take over the hearts, minds and souls of humanity so don’t fall for it.   For my part, I take care of my immune system by being outside every day for exercise in the sunshine, and take loads of vitamins. I do not wear a face mask, but will comply if a place I have to go to requires it.  (I have seen people driving in their cars alone with masks on.  Now how silly is that?)  I will not take any vaccine, as that is an invasion of my privacy, and for a whole host of other reasons.  It has also been proven that the incidence of COVID 19 is higher for those who have been taking an annual flu shot.  If an emotional state like fear is triggered in me, I immediately go internal, embrace and settle myself down and probe for the origin of that emotion.  That should be standard practice for all of you, too.  Most importantly, be the observer of your external world.  Your reactions to what is going on are entirely up to you. 

So here are some helpful tools for those who want to delve deeper into their start in life issues, or fear triggers.  For Inner Child Work, I have a chapter on that in my book “Traversing the Infinite Now” and a workshop through Rise Multiversity on Inner Child work.  Go to my website and the Products page for the book and the Workshop page for the Rise workshop.  You can also e-mail me at for a healing session appointment.  In these chaotic times, we all need to have a firm foundation in life so that we can address each and every upset in the best way possible.  I suspect that if you reach the end of this lifetime with start in life unresolved issues, you may have to come back for a repeat!!!!


  1. Great post! I also absolutely do not want to take any vaccine. I knew the corona virus was mindcontrol from the very beginning, so I was totally relaxed and confident that there was zero chance that I would ever get it from the very beginning as well. I admit to being frustated at seeing how many others were easily falling for it and just allowed themselves to become totally manipulated and mindcontrolled...
    I currently experience some fear about other, emotional issues though and I definitely fit into the "early life damage situation". Thanks for you advice about working with the Inner Child, I think I'm going to try that soon.

  2. Just FYI: Great article! I meant to forward it to a friend and sent it back to you instead. I'm sure you will know what happened. Did forward it and intend to share the link with others.