March 7, 2020

Finding Your Magic

I have been hiking with a group of ladies that I connected with on Meet Up.  It has been a great way to get to know the area and pick up other tid bits about life here in SW Utah.  The down side is that the more advanced hiking groups move along pretty fast, and with the slower groups, there is a lot of chit chat on the trail.  Because of this, even though I am taking a fair number of photos, I do not get a chance to really tune into my surroundings.  My style is more of listening, watching and wandering.  That way, each hike is more like a treasure hunt for interesting things. 

Yesterday, I drove south of Cedar City near Leeds to a trail called “White Reef”.  I had done that trail before, and wanted to repeat it in addition to adding some length to the hike.  It is named for a geological formation that looks like a reef sticking up.
Along the trail, I found an area where it looked like the ancient native people were creating arrow heads out of a lovely red stone, as there were shards strewn over the ground.  A few of the early spring flowers were blooming, and of course, the vistas were fabulous. 

I took a side trail that led to the top of the white reef, and even though the main trail made a curve to drop down on the other side, I was being drawn to a huge rock outcropping that was up ahead of me.  There was a narrower trail leading to the outcropping, which indicated that it had been visited by hikers many times before. 
As I got closer, I noticed the many wolf berry bushes that dotted the crest of the ridge.  These plants generally only occur in soil that has been disturbed by ancient native habitation.  In other words, people had lived here in ancient times. 

Sure enough, as I stood on the slope looking up at the rock face underneath the outcropping, there was a petroglyph panel.  Amazing.  What is even more interesting is that it was overlooking the spot where all of the rock shards were located.  It really felt like a look out location. 

Check out the "modern" graffiti from 1876!   

I paid special attention to the orientation of the outcropping as I came back down and took a different trail back to the parking lot.  It really stands out on that ridge.

My point here is that if you are not distracted and instead listening to your inner nudges, you can be led to some pretty interesting things.  Of course, it is your Higher Self that is doing the nudging and directing!  I often get questions from students and clients about how to communicate with their Higher Self.  They think that the communication is like talking to a friend, with verbiage going back and forth.  It’s not like that at all.  We are communicating back and forth all the time.  People often do not recognize that fact.  All we need to do is get quiet, listen, and observe our surroundings for signs and signals.  I found some magic yesterday, and you can too.

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