January 13, 2020

Taking a Breath

Today, finally, life here in Cedar City has settled down.  Everything is unpacked, my sacred items have been put out on display, and the artwork has been hung.  It feels truly like home, since there is now the energy of so many familiar things that can be felt throughout the house. 

This past week, I took my Intermediate Remote Viewing course with Paul Smith.  The schedule of this course was a lot easier than the Basic CRV course, and there were fewer people there, so it was a fairly pleasant experience.  As always in such situations, there are different personalities to deal with, and the way these CRV courses go, there is a fair amount of wait time while other students are working on their targets.  Being an energy healer, I can’t help but become aware of the other students’ issues.  I try not to spy, but in such close quarters, it happens.  I find human behavior to be endlessly fascinating.  So some goofiness was happening, and I was somewhat surprised at the level of patience that I was able to manifest.   

As one is evolving spiritually and clearing issues all along the way, life’s odd occurrences tend to be less and less bothersome.  I do admit that patience has not been one of my virtues. Just ask my many past students!  But this time, I was mostly unruffled.  That felt good.

During the class, we had a field trip as a break from the pressures of learning CRV.  Paul drove the group up to Kolob Canyon, which is at the northern end of Zion National Park.  Above and below are some photos.

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