January 5, 2020

Connecting to the Land

Yesterday, I did a repeat hike on a familiar trail about 45 minutes south of Cedar City.  This time, the path I took was part familiar, and part new.  The new part was labeled Turtle Wall.  Indeed, as I walked along, it looked like the huge rock formations to my left were like a series of turtle heads sticking out towards me.
I eventually arrived at a large red rock formation I dubbed Turtle Rock.  I walked out onto it, and immediately felt like I was standing on the back of a huge turtle.  That brought to mind that we are all living on the back of what the native peoples call "Turtle Island".  Sometimes the turtle is stationary, and sometimes she is walking with a rocking and rolling motion.  Talk about life on planet earth!  Below is a photo taken from the top of that rock formation looking out towards St. George.  It felt so grounding and solid to be standing there. 
Further down the trail, more of the turtle can be seen.
On another note, tomorrow I will be starting my Intermediate Controlled Remote Viewing course with Paul Smith.  It will be so nice to be able to drive only a few miles to get to the course location, and sleep in my own bed at home every night!

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