July 1, 2019

Life on Hold

This past week or so, I have noticed an unusual phenomenon in my world.  From time to time, especially when I put my attention to it, I notice that I appear to be melting!  The sensation is also one of merging into my environment.  This happens outdoors and indoors, too.  It is like the atoms that form my physical body are spreading apart and floating off. 

So what is this all about?  A few days ago, I took some time to tune into the global energy, thinking that I was not the only one experiencing this.  It appears that we are once again in what I would call a holding pattern that has been preventing all kinds of forward movement in a number of ways.   These events seem to be cyclical, as they come and go on a regular basis.  I was also reminded of a book written in 1977 entitled “Stalking the Wild Pendulum, on the Mechanics of Consciousness” by Itzhak Bentov.  Believe it or not, I still have the updated version that was printed in 1988! 

Bentov writes about all sorts of interesting and original concepts in this book, but what always stuck in my mind was his analogy of the pendulum swinging back and forth.  Since I took many years of piano lessons as a young adult, this concept could also apply to a metronome.  He posits that at either end of the pendulum’s swing, where it totally stops for a very brief moment, the mass of the pendulum dissolves into infinity.  As soon as the pendulum starts to swing in the opposite direction, it returns to the physical world.  In essence, it swings between the finite world and the infinite.   

On many levels, from the micro to the macro, we are doing the same thing.  So is this what is happening now?  My sense is that we are in the null or void space before we once again accelerate into a new reality.  This reality will be different for each of you according to your circumstances and destiny, but it is also clear that planet earth is at the precipice of something new that is coming along in our future. 

The benefit of being in this null zone is that you are connected to the “All that Is” and can consciously create your own future out of the causal matter of the universe.  What will you create?  Plant the seeds now and prepare for them to grow and bear fruit during the next phase of acceleration. 


  1. A few weeks ago, I began watching a series that struck an unknown chord in me... felt like past life experiences were triggered (big time!) Lots came up for me for processing. I believe I'm on the positive side of that... claiming more peace around it all, experiencing the beauty underneath the atrocities that occurred then (& yes, still exist in the world) It has definitely left me in a null zone. Our programmed thinking (or at least mine) went to... "what's wrong with me?" As I don't feel inclined in any direction. Thank you for posting this for the reminder... null/zero point is just fine. Thank you! <3

  2. hmmmm. sounds like we might be brushing up into the 'edge' of a black hole(a la Stephen Hawkings's descriptions),kind of like when I connected with the tippy edge of a major hurricane years ago, on our local pier. I could feel the wind pattern, the wild spiraling and the unmistakable cleansing capacity...and its Spirit so to speak. In any case, I definitely relate to what you describe here. I keep receiving the sense of All That Is-- tuning into here (my environment with all its buzz and activity) and there (cosmos and our relationship to and within it). I sense the deep peace, a super tranquil ground that holds it all.

  3. Wonderful comments, both of you!

  4. Earth is hurting. People are waking. We are in the dreaming time. To wake up in a dream quickly realising that as you think feel vibrate so it becomes. What is collective Earth's dream for itself right now? It's going to come to pass.

  5. Your description of this phase of brushing up against infinity reminds me of my recent meditations on the amazing Mandelbrot Set visualizations. At first glance, it seems that the edges formed by this abstract mathematic function are simple, a polarized line between what is, and what is not, simply the outcome of a very predictable set of events.

    However upon taking a deeper look we find an entirely fractal situation occurring to infinity, where this simple black and white border has suddenly become infinitely complex and impossible to truly define in its entirety.

    I feel this way sometimes, as I sit and feel my mind spiralling into the moment, and wonder if it is perhaps a simple question of finding my own depth of focus, or perhaps letting go of a notion of focus altogether and accepting that the line is in flux at all times, especially when we swing to its frontier. Beautiful writing, I will return to read more!