April 13, 2019

Sedona and Einstein


I have been back from my trip to Sedona for a few days now.  Between the trip down to New Mexico for my advanced CRV workshop and this trip, I put about 1600 miles on my car!  Now I am home catching up on sleep, energy, and paperwork, and moving forward with my CRV target cases.  Luckily, I will be home for several months and can settle back into some sort of routine again.

It turned out to be a good time to be out of town this past week.  We had high winds come through Cortez on Wednesday with a dumping of about 5 inches of snow in my neighborhood.  We had some snow flurries in Sedona on that day, but nothing stuck to the ground. 

This was about my 15th visit during the past 30 years to this very interesting place.  A lot has changed in all of that time.  It went from a sleepy little New Age mecca to a busy and bustling commercialized tourist attraction.  The traffic was horrible, as this was a popular time to visit because of spring break and nice weather.  My appointment with Einstein the crystal skull was on the day after I arrived, so I walked around, did some shopping, and hiked a trail that went right through one of the infamous Sedona vortexes. Below are photos of Boynton Canyon near its vortex.

Here is a lovely photo of Cathedral Rock at sunset.

On my way back out of town on Thursday, I visited the local stupa for some integration and balancing. 

So now on to the skull.  Einstein is called the Skull of Consciousness, and he connects to universal knowledge.  He weighs 33 pounds and Carolyn Ford is his current guardian.  I say guardian, because he is not really owned by her.  As a priceless ancient artifact of unknown origin, he is way beyond being owned, and instead is an asset to the whole human race.  Carolyn acquired Einstein in 1989 from the estate of a world traveler.  That person acquired the skull in the 1920’s in Mexico.  I suspect that after Carolyn passes over, Einstein will be willed to someone else who can continue to work with him. 

I did have a reading with Carolyn via a process called Human Design, but the information was so esoteric that I have to mull it over before discussing it here.  Unfortunately, she spent a good deal of time during the session talking about herself.  We also connected through a name synchronicity, as we have the same initials.  CJF.  Carla Jo Fox vs. Carolyn Jean Ford.  Our meeting was meant to be! 

At the end of the session, we took photos, and then I was allowed to touch him.  Unfortunately, I did not get any quiet time to tune in very well, as Carolyn kept talking, which was pretty distracting.  I just trust that by touching and absorbing his essence, I did the best that I could.   I also bought a skull that had been imprinted by Einstein, and I can connect in that way.  Carolyn said that I can now call on Einstein during dreamtime to work with him.

I first put my hands on the top of his skull, and then gently rubbed my hands over that area.  The sensation was so unique that I still cannot define it.  If you have ever stroked a polished crystal surface, you know that it feels like glass.  In Einstein’s case, it was a matte finish, much like stroking velour that had been shaved down to the surface.  He looks shiny but does not feel slick.  What I got was that this layer was the interface between the universal consciousness and the organic computer inside of his head.  The inside of his head is much like a transmitting device, and also a collection device for the imprints of all of the people who have touched him.

He has been examined by experts, and no tool marks of any kind have been found.  If they were, it would indicate that he was a modern skull, and not ancient.  I asked Carolyn about this, and she said that he was never carved, but molded from bags of liquid quartz crystal that came from off planet.  Wow!!!   I heard from another source that the skull is not just a large version of a normal human skull, but instead, it is a representation of the actual size of the head of one of the giants that lived on the planet in ancient times. 

I do feel that I have been changed in some fashion, but will have to sit with that for a while.  Interesting that the skull that I purchased from Carolyn had been imprinted by Einstein, but not worked with by Carolyn, so it has none of her energy.  She likes to sit with each new skull that gets shipped from Brazil to get its essence and give it a name, and that information is posted in her store.  Not so with mine, as she hadn’t gotten around to doing that.  So my lovely glowing golden-orange citrine skull wanted to be named “Sun Dancer”.  Below is Einstein along with some of my skulls that I brought to be imprinted by him.

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