April 22, 2019

April Launch and Skull Party

This past Sunday, our local group got together here at my house for our monthly launching.  As some of you may know, I collect crystal skulls.  Recently, I purchased 2 of them from Carolyn Ford, the keeper of “Einstein the Skull of Consciousness”.   I got one skull from her website, www.einsteinthecrystalskull.com, and the other when I traveled to Sedona for a session with Einstein.  The photo at the top of this page is of the one that I purchased when I was in Sedona.  Carolyn told me that he is a Golden Healer skull.  He is carved out of citrine, and I named him Sun Dancer.

One of our other launchers also has a skull that has been imprinted by Einstein, and so we first put the 3 of them together on a plate, and then passed them around individually for everyone to hold to connect to Einstein’s essence.  In addition to that connection, each skull has its own qualities, energy and vibration.  There is also a belief that all of the skulls around the world are connected, and that they communicate with each other and transfer information between them via the intent of the owner.  Fascinating!  As a side note, when I get a new skull, I sit with it, tune in, and ask what its name is.  Most of my skulls are male, which doesn’t make sense, as about 50% of them should be female.  It occurred to me just this past week that the carvers are male, and most of the skulls are carved in either China or Brazil.  If the carvers are imprinting their masculine energy on the skulls while they are working, that would explain the bias towards the male. 

Sun Dancer has a very active and dynamic energy.  The intent for my launch was to gather information about this skull, its energy and talents, and also the connection to Einstein’s energy imprinting.  As I was launched, I held the skull in my hand.  I traveled through many realms, most of which were a glowing golden color.  At one point, I found myself immersed in what looked and felt like golden liquid mercury. 

Eventually, I ended up in a realm that was golden in color, and was permeated with binary codes of 1’s and 0’s that were floating all around me.  I was pretty deep at this point, and was startled when the timer went off signaling the callback. 

So where did I end up?  This might be the realm from which Einstein the cosmic computer gets his information.  Do we exist in a holographic computer projection?  That’s entirely possible.  I do know that I feel changed as a result of that journey, and I'm still not entirely back one day later.  Maybe my Zumba class later this day will help with my integration.  Hee Hee!

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