January 21, 2019

Working Your Spiritual Path

Here we are the morning after last night’s total lunar eclipse labeled the Super Blood Wolf Moon!  Above is my best photo.  At sunset time, the skies were starting to cloud over, but by the time the eclipse was starting, around 8:45 PM, it had cleared up quite nicely! 

Today, I just wanted write a bit more about the discussion our launching group had yesterday before we did the actual launch.  There is great benefit to getting together in person every once in a while to share insights and information.  The key concept here is “in person”.  Our discussion centered on the fact that because there is so much information that is widely available out there on the internet, many people are using that forum as the main way that they are getting information on spiritual topics.  The benefit is that they are exposed to information that they would not have ordinarily, which can be a good thing. 

The down side is that information alone does not assist one in their spiritual evolutionary work.  There is the temptation to think that the more one knows, the more spiritually adept one is.  That just isn’t true.  Your spiritual path is mainly an internal one, and does not depend on feeding the mind with externally acquired information.  Remember, your mind is just a tool, and should not be running the show. 

Long time readers of this blog may notice that I do just a rare bit of referencing or quoting of other people’s information.  I do not have time to go out and seek that information.  If it comes to me spontaneously, then I am meant to have it.  It is also how I keep my teachings clear and original.  Of course, the one exception is George Kavassilas’ work.  I consider his original teachings to be timeless and invaluable.   

If the internet with its YouTube videos, a monthly subscription that you are paying to a spiritual expert, or even books are all you have available, then that is better than nothing.  At a certain point, though, the real internal engagement has to take precedence.  By connecting with your body’s sensations and emotions instead of your head, you are employing your internal guidance system. You have all you need within you, and you can source the “All That Is” for any information that you require.  If you can get together in person with like minded spiritual individuals from time to time, all the better. 

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