June 17, 2018

Seeding Life

This post is somewhat a continuation of the one that I wrote entitled “The Pleiades”.  This morning I had a chance to sit down, get into a relaxed state, and do some contemplation on how the Pleiadians seeded life on this planet.  When I do this sort of journeying, I just get really relaxed, using the breath, pose my question, and let go and see what comes up.

To recap, the previous information that I received showed how the templates were created for many forms of physical life, and how the divas, or consciousnesses from the constellation of Lyra were called in to embody these templates with life giving energy. 

Now, we are talking about several billions of years ago here.  A plan was made by the consciousness of our Milky Way Galaxy and what I would call a galactic council that was made up of members from advanced star systems in our galaxy.  A new planet was chosen that would serve as a combination of living library, repository of records, museum, and vacation spot for others in the galaxy.  As our earth was newly forming and had no life on it yet, it was the perfect place for this project. 

This is how the earth was seeded with life.  It all started with the basic templates created by the Pleiadians.  The first patterns would be for all of the simple organisms that were made up of a single or just a few cells, like amoebas, algae, etc.  These would terra form earth, creating an atmosphere and conditions that other more complex life forms could exist in.  Of course, this first stage would take many millions of years to complete. 

How did these life forms get here from the Pleiadian creation laboratories?  This is what I was shown.  A stargate opened up close to the planet, and vessel that looked like a giant version of a spinning top emerged.  This vessel was silver metallic and it directed its skinny pointed end towards the planet. 
It had been loaded up with all of the energetic patterns for the start of life that the Pleiadians had created.  The vessel then proceeded to eject all of these patterns into the space around the planet.  The patterns settled in layers with the simplest closest to the planet, and the most complex occupying the zones farthest away.  It was like a giant time release capsule!  The divas would embody the forms as soon as they drifted down to the earth’s surface, thus giving them life.  The earth was gradually terra formed, creating an atmosphere and a hospitable environment for more complex life forms. 

Now, I did not detect a moon around our planet.  There is a whole story about the moon being an artificial satellite created by the Pleiadians to carry life to our planet, but I am thinking that it contained more advanced life forms such as plants and some animals, birds and fish.  This is whole different story that may reveal itself to me later.  I am certain, however, that the moon arrived here via a stargate, and was not towed all the way from the Pleiades, as some have suggested.  As time went on, other advanced life forms were implanted here intact from their home star systems, too. 

In spite of all if the information that has recently come to me, I still do not feel that I have a direct connection to the Pleiadian ET race.  I do, however, feel that I was in some sort of observational or supervisory role for this huge project.  Keep in mind again that we are talking about several billions of years here, too.  We started out very simply, and things just kept getting more complicated from there. I am not even talking about the emergence of Homo sapiens, which was the result of a lot of trial and error and genetic tinkering by multiple ET races.  We are a fairly recent addition to all of this, and I would venture to say that we are more ET than native on the planet! 

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