February 4, 2018

The Start of the Journey

On Tuesday morning January 16th, our group gathered at our hotel in Mexico City to start out on what would shape up to be a fabulous journey.  We had 13 guests, 5 people in charge of various aspects of the trip and our Mexican tour guide Omar.  Of course, as most trips go, there were some issues that cropped up, especially since this was the first time that this particular itinerary was presented by Hugh Newman and Brien Foerster. All in all, everyone took the delays from construction on the roads, our bus driver getting lost, one of the travelers getting lost at Teotihuacan, and the sometimes heavy city traffic in stride.  It helped to have a very comfortable bus with plenty of room to spread out, too.

This trip started in Mexico City and ended up 2 weeks later in Cancun.  We visited mainly Mayan archeological sites, one Olmec site, and several museums where significant archeological finds were on display.  There were many hours spent in the bus traveling from place to place.  Our longest bus trip took about 9 hours!  We stayed at 8 different hotels, with several of them hosting us for only one night before we moved on.  In spite of all of that, I made good use of the time on the bus by journaling and reviewing my many photos. 

My particular focus on this trip was feeling into the energy of each site.  How fascinating it was that each one had a different flavor and vibration.  I did not read up on each destination ahead of the trip, preferring to go in cold and gather impressions.  Going by the premise that these ancient temples and pyramids were built on much older structures which in turn were built on high energy locations, or vortices, my interest was to track as much of this higher dimensional energy as I could. 

How does one go about doing this?  Just stand in a location that draws your interest, relax, and get into a dreamy or altered state.  Then, take what information or feelings present.  The simplest and first impressions are always the ones to pay attention to.  Later this year I will be teaching a workshop on Shamanic tracking entitled “Journeys Beyond the Physical”.  Students will learn how to do this in a variety of circumstances. 

I have to say that the energetic changes that I experienced reminded me very much of my travels in Peru, where each and every site there has a positive energetic effect on the traveler.  In the next posts, I will be writing about the interesting impressions and energy that I experienced on this trip.

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