January 14, 2018

Creating Your Plan for 2018

My workshop of January 6th through Rise Multiversity, "Setting Your Energetic Template for 2018", has now been posted in the Rise store.  It is still not too late to create the year that you would like to have through the teachings and guided journeys that I did in this workshop.  In addition, some of the exercises that you will learn can be repeated again at any time throughout 2018.  To purchase this latest annual offering, go here.

I am off tomorrow for a trip to Mexico with worldwide megalithic expert Brien Foerster's group, to investigate Mayan, Olmec, Toltec and Aztec sites.  This is not a spiritual trip per se, but of course, I will be tuning into the energy of each and every site that we will be going to.  I am especially looking forward to visiting Palenque again.  It is such a special place.  Stay tuned!

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