October 26, 2017

Your Greater Self

As readers of this blog know, I frequently refer to our 5th dimensional aspect as our Higher Self.  This is the part of us that has planned and orchestrated our current incarnation.  The vibrational level of this aspect can also rise up through the 7th and 8th dimensional bandwidths. 

At George Kavassilas’ workshop a few weeks ago, he introduced the term “Greater Self” as a way of shifting our experience of our higher aspects from linear and hierarchical to infinite and expansive.  For those of you who follow George, you have heard him make reference to “Big George” and “little George”.  In other words, his Greater Self, big George, is really in charge, and it is his 4th dimensional self, little George, who only thinks he is in charge!   So we can say that our small self exists in the 4th dimensional matrix and is very ego driven, whereas our Greater Self can exist out to infinity and is very expansive and vibrationally interesting indeed!  What separates the two is the Great void between 4 D and 5 D. 

For the purpose of the Quantum Sphere Healing that I do with clients, using the Higher Self as a 5th dimensional aspect is a wonderful tool for this kind of work.  On the other hand, for my personal spiritual growth, I have spent a fair amount of time since the workshop tuning into my Greater Self.  I have experienced a much greater sense of who I am on many levels, and can hold that expansive outlook throughout most of the day.  As George says, he is a Remembrance Coach!  I certainly am remembering. 

This new connection is affecting my healing work, too.  I am holding a higher and more neutral space, and my sense is that the healing is more powerful.  In the weeks since the workshop, during a QSH session with a client, I have had the experience of the client’s quantum sphere simply dissolving.  It is a feeling of being even more connected to the client’s quantum field.  So even though I am still using the construct of a Higher Self, my Greater Self is very present. 

If you would like to experience this, too, all you need do is to sit quietly and expand your Core Essence.  Then, intend to embody your Greater Self and expand into that state.  Let your mind go and just BE.  I have passed George’s teaching on this to you, so now you have the awareness that this is possible.  Everyone’s experience will be different, so go with what you get and enjoy! 

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