October 9, 2017

Workshop with George Kavassilas

I returned yesterday from a fabulous time with George and his "Transcending the God Matrix" workshop in Monterey, California.  There is a lot to report on, but as you can imagine, I am having trouble putting my experience into words.  Two of my friends and I also did a launch on Friday night, which I will report on. 

So, until I can give a more coherent view of the event,  I would like to pass along a few pertinent concepts that have come to mind this morning.

The future has already happened.  Stay ahead of the curve by calling in and embodying your future self NOW. 
This self is your Greater Self that transcends time, space and limitation. 
You are a Creator Being that has come here to experience your own creation before leaving this realm once and for all. 
Acknowledge this, BE IT, and LIVE IT. 

More later.

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