October 11, 2017

Transcending the God Matrix

This past Thursday, I attended George Kavassilas’ latest workshop offering, “Transcending the God Matrix” in Monterey, California, sponsored by Kunde-Ra and Kameha of www.cleaningwings.com.  The “God” referred to is of course the creator of the synthetic matrix. 

Over 40 individuals attended, and the event took place at a lovely hotel right on the beach.  What a perfect setting for the transformational work that we were doing.  Dolphins and sea lions were swimming off shore, and sea gulls and brown pelicans constantly cruised the airwaves.  Even though the location gave me a chance to commune with the Mama Cocha, or Mother of the Waters, I realized that I am not an ocean person.  I definitely prefer being high and dry in the mountains!

What made this event different for me was the fact that many of the people there were personal acquaintances of mine, students, clients or readers of this blog.  Normally, I do not know anyone at an event, so I have to make more of an effort to find people to hang out with.  Not so this time.  I even did a launch on Friday night with friends/students Jenn and Sabrina.  I’ll write more about that in the next post. 

The last time George was in the states was in 2011, and I went to see him in Chicago.  He also presented in Boston, Vancouver BC, and the ECETI Ranch in Washington State.  He must have had at least 350 attendees total from those events.  So why the smaller crowd this time?  There was only one other attendee besides myself at the workshop last week who had seen George in 2011.  Clearly, his work is not for everyone.  It is geared for the spiritually advanced and savvy humans who have incarnated here this time around to support the Earth Mother and humanity in this time of transition. We are the space holders and way showers that can truly take advantage of George’s mentorship.  In a broader sense, everyone here right now is on earth for the same purpose, but the vast majority has not awakened to their true potential. 

So what did we do/learn?  For confidentiality purposes, I can’t give the exact details, but the teachings and exercises were designed to connect us to our Greater Self and to transcend some of the basic restrictive energetic structures that humanity has been subject to for millennia.  George led chakra and kundalini removal exercises. I was surprised that about half of the attendees still had their chakras. 

We also did an evening and next morning process on coming to closure with a problematic relationship in our lives.  That was very powerful.  It all goes to the matter of dragging baggage along with us, as all of that needs to be let go of for us to move forward on our spiritual path. Looking at the bigger picture, many are coming to closure with the earthly experience at this time, too.  That is why we have incarnated on the planet now, in spite of all of the challenges that human existence is currently faced with.  During a processing with a teacher that I was working with in the early 90’s, I distinctly remember when I as a newly created embryo, was desperately trying to implant into my mother’s womb.  The first two times failed, and as I was gripping and digging while trying to attach, I remember thinking that if it didn’t work this time, I would miss my opportunity to come back.  Clearly I was meant to be here at this time, as are all of you! 

We did a final exercise on embodying what George calls our Guardian Light.  This is the energy of our Greater Self and Heart Core Essence that we can hold on a daily basis and radiate out to assist in the transition of the earth, her kingdoms and humanity.  It is our task to be the best we can be energetically at all times, not just for ourselves and those near and dear to us, but for the greater whole as well.  That is what we came here to do.

It was such a delight to be with George once again.  We had a very nice conversation at the beach bonfire the last evening I was there.  He has changed quite a bit since I first encountered his radio interviews in 2011.  My life has been greatly enhanced by knowing him.  You can check out his work at www.iaminfinite.love. 

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