October 13, 2017

Launching During the GK Workshop

The evening of the second day of George’s workshop, Jenn, Sabrina and I decided to do a launching.  Sabrina had never participated in one before, and Jenn was fairly new to the process.  How wonderful that we could surf on the rarefied energy that was generated at the workshop.  What a nice way to finish off the day!

As it is already a week later, I will try to recall as much as I can about my journey.  My intent was to connect to and learn about my Prime Creator aspect.  Now, I am not the only person that has this aspect, although I suspect that each Prime Creator aspect has a different job.  This is also not the Creator or Source of all, but a down line of this energy that follows through and manifests the Source’s directives. 

As soon as I was sent out into the cosmos, I found myself drifting in an area where there was a lot of what I call stardust, similar to what can be seen in the Hubble Telescope photos.  This dust contains elements that may not be known on earth, and can be used as the primal matter of creation.  I have written previously that the Mineral Kingdom is the source for all patterns for the structure of physicality, and that I am connected with the councils of this kingdom. 

As an aspect of the Primal Creator, I experienced creating a framework for what was to be manifested in physicality, and then calling in the predetermined aspect of consciousness to embody that form.  Thus the creation of plants, animals and minerals.  Fascinating, and all done through the master plan of the Creator.   This is divine play at work, and a co-creative activity with the Mineral Kingdom and consciousness. 

I also realized that these techniques could be used to clean up air and water pollution and manifest food out of thin air.  Key words that came to mind were alchemy, transmutation, transformation and “Lead into Gold”.  All of this resonates with information that I have received in the last few years in different ways.  And, it’s all fun!  Co-creating with the Creator! 

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