September 19, 2017

Like Minded Souls

I attended our local archeological annual picnic on Saturday evening.  I generally do not belong to local organizations that have such get-togethers, and had forgotten what it is like to be around a group of people who are not in any way into their own spiritual evolutionary path.  It is much nicer to get together with friends for hikes or an occasional lunch out in Cortez.  That brought me to the latest topic for investigation, that is, how does one attract like minded spiritual people for conversation and friendship?  Or even like minded people with other similar interests? 

Our launching group met on Sunday, and this topic came up.  Specifically, the lack of occasions for spiritual seekers to get together in our area.  When I moved here in 2003, there were many more activities, people and locations that were of this mind set.  Now, in addition to most of that going away, it is hard to attract people to what activities are available, like my classes and quarterly fire ceremonies.  In addition, for those of us who follow George Kavassilas, have removed our chakras, and are not into the new age arch angels and ascended masters, there are even fewer opportunities.

Now, I have no explanation for why spiritually minded people are no longer in this community, but this seems to be an issue at large, and not only here.  So for my launch topic today, I wanted to be shown a way that I could use to attract more like minded people into my life. 

The basic process that I was shown is this.  I went up to a vibrational level higher that the Higher Self and the Over Soul.  My sense was that this was 6th or 7th dimensional, and at the level of the monad or even higher.  As many of you know, each step up in vibration means that you are tapping into a much greater version of you that brings together an untold number of individuals, many of whom are non-human.  I do not know exactly how many individuals this would be, but it is a pretty high number.

Upon being taken to this level, I immediately expanded and sent out the call for individuals of like vibration to make themselves known to me.  All around me in various directions, I started to see little far away balls of golden energy light up and then send streams of energy back towards me.  They were answering the call!  It was also clear that because of the large scope of who I am at that level, very few of the beings that were answering the call were in physicality on the earth at this time.  I may never meet them in real time and space!  So there goes the notion that I would have a nice close inner circle to hang out with.  Boo!!!  It will have to be enough for now to know that they are out there somewhere. 

Yesterday, I took a last hike up to the alpine zone in the mountains north of where I live. I like to start out early, and on the hike up I only met 3 hunters coming back down the trail.  Once at the top of the trail, see the photo above, I repeated the exercise from the launching the day before.  I do feel that any energetic exercise of this kind is more powerful done in a high vibrational space such as at a high elevation.  I was also amazed at the number of wildflowers that were still blooming up there in spite of a dusting of snow from the night before.  It was a magical fairyland!   

After hanging out a bit, I started to make my way back down the trail.  I encountered quite a few hikers that had started out later in the morning, and they all wanted to talk.  Were these the like minded souls that I had called in just an hour ago?  I guess this just goes to show you that you can never predict how these things are going to work out.  It was actually one of the better hikes of the summer for me, too. 

George Kavassilas will be presenting an event in early October in Monterey, California, and I will be attending.  Certainly I will repeat this exercise during the class as a grand experiment to see what happens.  You could say that the calling in of like minded souls has already started outside of time and space, because I have a friend/client/student as a roommate, and another student from the QSH workshop from earlier this month will be there, too.  Looking forward to some girl time with my new like minded buds!  
One of my new buds from the alpine zone!

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