July 15, 2017

Shamanic Death Rites

In recent weeks, I have had the pleasure and privilege to perform Shamanic Death Rites on several deceased people at the request of one of their loved ones.  I say pleasure and privilege because I really enjoy doing this kind of work and because it is true service work not only for the deceased but their family and loved ones as well. 

Traditionally, it has been the task of the shaman to assist a person through the dying and death process and to make sure that they get to where they are supposed to go.   That means that they sit by the bedside and energetically assist through the whole process.  In these times, that very rarely happens unless the practitioner is associated with an organization like hospice and has the permission of the family to do their shamanic ceremonies at the bedside, or is a relative of the dying person.  Personally, I have never had a request to do that, so I mainly assist the deceased weeks or even many years after they have passed.  I was not even at the bedside of either of my parents when they passed, so was not able to assist in person. 

Here is a summary of the process.  Once the appropriate loved one has requested the rites for the deceased, I sit down and track their whereabouts on the other side.  The first thing I need to find out is whether they went to the light upon death.  Now, those of you who have been steady readers of this blog know that if you maintain consciousness after you leave your body for the final time, you do NOT go to the light, as that puts you right back on the wheel of reincarnation.  Hopefully you have attained a high enough vibrational level to bypass this system and exit the 4th dimensional matrix altogether.

If I find that the deceased has not gone to the light, or in other words, they are an earth bound spirit, the first thing I do is send them to the light.  I do not have the power or permission to send them out of the 4 D matrix.  That is a matter between themselves and their soul and how they lived their life here on earth.  There are many reasons why a soul would not go to the light, including a traumatic or sudden death, being unconscious or in a coma at the time of death, the sense that they do not deserve to go to the light, attachment to those who are still living, or even being on morphine at the end.  Morphine lowers the vibration so much that it takes longer for the person to die and is harder for them to leave their body for the final time. 

After I send the deceased to the light, I always like to wait a few weeks for them to settle into their appropriate vibrational level.  The next step for all the deceased is for me to track where they ended up on the other side.  Shamanically, there are 4 levels where I can find their soul.  Coincidentally, the “Lifeline” workshop at the Monroe Institute in Virginia has mapped out these same 4 levels, giving them different names.  This workshop is designed to give students the tools to deal with deceased people who come to them spontaneously.  The ideal is that the soul of the deceased ends up at the 4th or highest level.  This is where the planning for the next earthly incarnation takes place.  Through the use of the Death Rites or what is learned at TMI, this is the outcome. 

If the soul ends up anywhere in levels 1-3, then the Shamanic Death Rites are an option.  This is totally up to the family member who has contacted me.  If they wish to proceed, the process involves bringing the energy field of the deceased  into my healing room where I clear all of the remaining trauma and heavy energy out of their chakras and then launch them up to the fourth world where they can immediately start planning their next incarnation here on earth.  This process greatly reduces by many many years the time that a soul would spend slowly dropping baggage and purging to eventually reach the fourth level totally on their own.   This is the service to the deceased that I am always so grateful to be able to provide.  After they are launched, I do a final tracking to see what they are doing upon entering that fourth world. 

All of this is reported to the loved one who requested the rites.  In addition to this being a service to the deceased, the grieving time that the living go through is greatly reduced, too.  The person that I am working on does not even need to be recently deceased.  At the Lifeline workshop at TMI, it was not unusual for people who passed in the 1800’s to show up needing help. 

As you may have noticed, this process is chakra based.  I have not done the Death Rites on anyone who had removed their chakras.  There are so few of us out there anyway!  I like to think that between having no chakras and maintaining consciousness at the moment of death, there would be a guarantee that a person can exit the 4 D matrix when the time comes, so no death rites would be needed.  Time will tell on that one. 

To do the Death Rites in the manner that I have described always required that one be a trained shamanic practitioner.  I realized just last week that I can train people to perform the Death Rites with just enough shamanic training to do the job.  This is such a valuable service that I would like more practitioners to be able to do it.  To that end, I will be putting together a training for next spring for students who have completed the basic QSH training and possibly also the Advanced QSH training.  If you are interested in learning how to perform the Shamanic Death Rites but have not taken either of the QSH workshops, you would have to come to the QSH workshop here in Cortez in September.  Either way, you will benefit greatly in your own personal healing and your service to the world. 

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