May 26, 2017

The Shallow End of the Pool

A few days ago, I went with a group of wildflower enthusiasts up to the Dolores Plateau north of here to look at some very rare plants that were in bloom.  We stopped for lunch at Ferris Reservoir, which is the photo above.  It was a lovely day!  Many of you know that I often get my inspiration for a post from nature.  This day was no exception.  Here is the post.

Are you going through life swimming in the shallow end of the pool?  By this I mean do you go through life playing it safe, dealing with only what is obvious and in front of your face, and avoiding deeper engagements with others and yourself?  Are you oblivious to what is pushing your buttons, or even if your buttons have been pushed? 

Dealing with clients and their issues on a day to day basis, I realize that this is a common condition of the human race.  When I work with a client, we spend the first half hour of the session honing in on and clarifying the issue that they would like to work with.  I can always recognize those who have that deeper inner connection because they can come to the issue at hand fairly quickly.  With others, we go around and around and still may not have something definitive to work on by the end of that half hour.  If a client is not aware of what they are passionately wanting to change in their life, the session may not be as productive for them. 

I also know that if we are intent on moving forward with our spiritual evolution, we need to pay attention to every nuance of distress, no matter how small.  By engaging with any distressing emotion, we are opening the door to something deeper and more meaningful.   The trick is to actually go through that door and follow that lead, no matter where it takes us.  So many people only emote or act out when triggered, and they do not realize that they need to go deeper.  There is gold hidden in the deep waters of the psyche, and we need to dive in and retrieve that gold.  Punch through that wall.  Sit with your emotions a bit instead of shoving them aside.  You might be surprised at the very valuable insights that you will come up with.

When times are tough, and I am guessing that the rest of this year of 2017 will be a doozy, it is time to deeply engage and punch through any difficulty that comes up instead of shoving it into the closet, going into denial or running away.  We as humanity are reaching a crisis point in our evolution.  Will we step up to the plate and embody the magnificent cosmic beings that we truly are, or back up, back off and simply wither away to become a mere blip on the radar screen of history.  The choice is yours. 

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