May 18, 2017

Safety, Security and Your Child Within

So today it is May 18th, and it is snowing outside!  It is starting to clear up a bit now, and even though most of it melted on the ground here, the surrounding mountains got a good coating.  Crazy!  A week ago, we got so much hail that there were piles of it left in the streets.  As I have said before, “expect the unexpected”.  This clearly goes not only to our ever changing weather, but all other aspects of life as well.  Just when I think I have seen it all regarding what shows up in a client’s session, something new will show up.  We always have to keep our critical thinking skills sharp, and never take anything for granted.  As we are hopefully breaking out of one restrictive box after another, new things are bound to show up, and we need to be ready to look at new events without referencing the old frameworks. 

In the last few weeks, I have had interactions with 2 prospective clients who were definitely approaching me from their box or life view of control.  We never actually got to doing the actual healing work, as they were both determined to orchestrate the basic framework and timing of the session ahead of time.  Both were making objections to my explanation of how the QSH session would work, insisting that I alter my method of doing things to suit themselves.  Pretty strange.  These were classic cases of people who were so very trapped in their particular box of how a healing session should work, that they were not open to something new.  It was very frustrating for me, too, as my experience with clients, for the most part, is that they book their session, trust that all will work favorably to their advantage, and then go with the flow of the experience. 

Why would someone carry on in this way?  People who do not trust and feel the need to control every aspect of their lives do so because of fear.  This is fear that they experienced as very young children because they were not adequately taken care of early in life.  Their safety, security and personal needs were not a priority for their parents.  So, they developed ways of controlling their external world so that ideally they could feel safe and secure.  Unfortunately that never quite works out and instead creates some pretty rigid ways of dealing with the world.  Haven’t we all been with someone in a restaurant who insisted on recreating a particular item off of the menu to suit their preferences or dietary restrictions?  Frustrating for all, right?  Just keep in mind that if you find yourself attempting to orchestrate or control a situation in a rigid manner, it is time to look within and embrace the fear that your inner little boy or girl may be experiencing.  Go within and create that safety and security for yourself internally. 

Speaking of safety and security, the photo above is of a cat that I have been taking care of for the past 2 months.  He showed up after a snowfall in mid March, so I named him Mr. Snowflake.  He is a flame point Siamese cat, and is quite unusual.  After asking around, it was clear that someone dumped him.  He was near starving when he showed up, and I have been fattening him up ever since.  Today I took the plunge, and got him over to the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.  Since his hair was badly matted, they will give him a good haircut, too.  They told me that he is about 2 years old, and clearly did not get the attention that he needed from his owners.  Does that remind you of yourself as a child? 

Mr. Snowflake will be an outdoor only cat, as I have a female cat that is indoor only.  They are friendly through the glass sliding door.  That’s close enough.  Besides, the thought of all of that long white cat hair floating around the house is not a pleasant one.  I gave my first cat Josie an arbitrary birth date based on her estimated age, and I did the same with this one.  I also used numerology to pick the birth date that would harmonize the best with Josie and me.  I chose Gemini, since this new cat is quite a roamer and is very busy all day.  So his assigned birthday will be on June 9th, which is coincidentally the birthday of my uncle who passed away last November.  In an hour or so I will be picking him up after his veterinary procedures.  Because he is being shaved to get rid of the matted fur, he will be looking quite different!

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  1. Thank you for this post my dear Carla :) I have found some good information here!!!
    And it's a such a lovely cat :) I have been interacting with one, in my hiking trails. I meeting her very rarely, but when i do, it's like you meeting a good old friend after many years! A very nice interaction.
    And 2 Kisses 4 you!!! first smaller, second bigger!

    (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

    っ˘з(O.O )♥

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