February 4, 2017

Mood Altering Substances and Spiritual Evolution

I have written about this subject before, but the theme bears repeating.  I was reminded of this because of a session with a client this week.  This person’s daily use of alcohol and marijuana has caught up with her in a big way as far as being hassled by a variety of entities and experiencing the occasional bout of paranoia bordering on hallucination.  Things have gotten quite scary for her lately. 

First of all, for all substances that throw one off center after ingesting them, there is an entity attached to the energy of that substance.  This negative being can then take advantage of the consumer of the substance in a variety of ways, mainly by feeding off of their energy.  If you become hooked, you are constantly being fed off of, and being thrown off center most of the time. 

One of the additional side effects of being drained of energy and being thrown out of balance routinely is that other negative entities can then jump on the band wagon and take advantage of you when you are “out of it”.  These entities may hang out with you for a short while, or may take up permanent residence, thus leading to more and more of the problems listed above.  This cycle can then start spinning out of control as in the case of my client. 

The substances that I am talking about here include alcohol, illegal recreational drugs and hallucinogenics, tobacco, marijuana, and even prescription medication.  I would also like to include sugar as a very addictive and mood altering substance.  Not everyone would react to these substances in the same way, as a one’s reaction as far as mood change and physiological changes varies from person to person according to other existing energetic patterns that they carry.  One person may barely feel any change, and another on the opposite end of the spectrum may have an immediate and distressing reaction.  I highly recommend that those in the “highly sensitive” category be very careful with what they take in.

How does this affect your spiritual evolution?  Massively!!!  Your evolution requires that you be clean and clear, awake and alert and firmly anchored in your body at all times.  How can this happen if you are not yourself, let alone if you have some dark hitchhikers in your energy field.  So this is just a caution to those of you who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction.  Please do your best to get free and clear of this problem for the sake of your evolutionary path.  You want to exit this reality for the final time clean and clear and as light as a feather with nothing attached that will drag you back down. 

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