January 22, 2017

Make it Personal

As you can see from the photo, “real” winter has finally arrived here.  Yesterday we had a bit of a break in the weather, which gave me the opportunity to slog my way down to the mailbox which is about a tenth of a mile away.  On the way back, I encountered my neighbor who was out shoveling snow, and stopped to have a chat.  Since I don’t see her that often, I had forgotten how extremely negative she can be.  Well, her topic yesterday was our current political situation, and she was just looking to dump her negative viewpoint on someone.  I was polite, but extricated myself as soon as I could. 

After speaking with her and reflecting on our current political situation, I realized what I am writing really needed to be said.  This post is for those of you who are or think they are on an evolutionary spiritual path.  Marches, rallies and protests continue to be the norm, especially in the last few days involving President Trump’s inauguration.  For those of you who are espousing causes, marching or protesting, it is time to take a really good look with clarity and a clear eye at what is driving your behavior.  It is time to embrace and live the energetic principles that I have written about before.  I am speaking to a very tiny minority of humanity here, those of you who are evolving to your fullest spiritual potential and are intent on making this your last go around on planet earth.

Before you decide to engage in the above mentioned activities, go within, make it personal and do your inner work.  Granted not everyone is capable of doing this, but between my blog, my workshops with Rise Multiversity, and my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, you have all of the tools that you need.  What issue within you are you projecting outwards?  Own it and work through it to the best of your ability.  Take the high road and the observer position.  For myself, as soon as I start getting worked up about something, that little voice within tells me to stop, back off, and work the issue that has been activated. 

Keep in mind that since we live in a polarized world, there is always a counterpart to any action.  So if you are marching for peace, you are also feeding war.  If you march for freedom, you are also feeding oppression.  If you are supporting the disenfranchised, where do you feel disenfranchised within?  If you feel like a second class citizen, how are you also treating yourself that way?  These are all examples of the way our 4th dimensional matrix operates.  You will know when you have resolved an issue when you are no longer triggered by it and can easily take the observer position.  You will be able to observe certain situations without getting triggered, but still be able to assist in any way that you are guided.  That is the ideal.  You are no good to anyone if you are all worked up about something while you are trying to affect a positive change. 

As you heal and evolve energetically and with clarity, you will naturally hold a bigger and more powerful energetic field that will have positive effects on those around you.  This is the way to affect real change without feeding into our polarized reality.  Remember that ALL change starts within.   If you have not seen the movie “Hidden Figures”, I highly recommended it.   It is the best movie that I have seen in many months, and it goes along with just what I have written about in this post.  ‘Nuff said!   


  1. Thank you & Much Love, Sister! <3

  2. You are so right Carla! George Kavasillas has said for many years now that the Queen B has been focusing on twisting the feminine and the ugliness of what the demonstrators are demonstrating is proof to me her agenda is ramping up. Then I see that breaking free of 6000 yr control by the dark is not an easy journey for humanity so staying centered and not getting drawn in is the wisest thing we can do now its going to be a bumpy ride otherwise.