January 11, 2017

Cracking and Fracturing

This past Saturday I presented a workshop for Rise Multiversity entitled “Setting your Energetic Template for 2017”.  At the start of the workshop, I gave a preview of what humanity and the earth would be experiencing energetically this year and how we can prepare for these changes.  It seems that we will experience the energy of cracking and fracturing to various degrees.  I will post when the workshop is ready for purchase, which should be in a few days. 

In the workshop, I spoke about how the cracking of the human energy field would expose either all of the dark unresolved issues that one had not acknowledged or dealt with, or, if one is fairly well processed and is maintaining a clean and clear energy field, a beautiful golden light would emerge from their fractures. 

I also realized that there is somewhat an intermediate stage to all of this.  It involves deconstruction of the old and reconstruction of something new.   It reminds me of my shamanic training and the 3 ways it is said that one is called to embark on a shamanic path.  The first is to be struck by lightning.  The second is to be chosen and mentored by a master shaman according to the gifts and abilities that the shaman perceives in the student, or to have a natural calling to the shamanic path.  The third is to undergo a complete deconstruction of one’s life and to have to reconstruct everything from the ground up.  This could be from a severe health issue, an accident, a psychological breakdown, or a huge financial loss. 

When I embarked upon my shaman’s path and learned about these 3 indicators, I realized that I had experienced all 3 in my life.  When I was about 10 years old, I was visiting my grandparent’s house when it was struck by lightning one night during a severe thunder storm.  I remember lying in bed and seeing sparks come shooting out of the wall near my head when the lightning struck the house.  The house did catch on fire, but the fire was put out before a lot of damage was done.  In the high Andes, it is not uncommon for people and animals to be struck by lightning while they are out on the bare mountainsides. 

Around the time that I got divorced, I experienced a total downturn in several ways, and had to start my life all over from scratch.   Thirdly, shortly after that and through a series of synchronicities, I was called to the shaman’s path and proceeded to reconstruct a life that was much more harmonious to me than what I had experienced up until then.  

Now, I am not saying that through the disruptive events of this coming year, many people will be called to start formal shamanic training, but one can certainly experience a deconstruction of life which will enable them to turn a corner, chose a different lifestyle, and start life all over again from scratch.  Take a deep breath now and breathe in the fresh clean energy of a new creation, no matter the circumstances that would bring it about.  Feel that new creation in your body.  Marvelous! 

Every cloud has a silver lining.  Use that lemon to make lemonade.  You need to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.  In other words, learn to take advantage of even the most distressing events of life.  Just know that your Higher Self has orchestrated those for you for a reason.  If cracking, fracturing or deconstruction comes your way this year, use that to your advantage and create something fabulous out of the debris.

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