December 1, 2016

Time and Space

Last night, I went to my Wednesday night Zumba class.  Since it had gotten very cold and the roads were somewhat icy, attendance was not what it usually is.  I positioned myself in the front row, and in this case, there was no one behind me.

As we got into our dance routines, I started feeling an unfamiliar energy just behind me.  It was heavy, solid and had an upright shape, almost like a pillar or post that was taller than I was.  Knowing that there was no such structure in the room, I still glanced behind me a few times just to make sure.  It even felt that if I backed up too far, I would run smack into it! 

So about 20 minutes into the one hour class, we had a late arrival.  Let’s call her Kathy.  She is a pretty regular attendee, and is an adult special needs person.  Kathy is what I’d call a big girl—tall and large.  Because of some issues regarding motor skills, she mostly rocks back and forth in place, occasionally moving arms or legs to her perception of the music and the Zumba routines. 

Wouldn’t you know it, she positioned herself about 15 feet behind me.  As soon as she did that, my energetic perception of the pillar behind me went away.  I then knew that it was related to her energy in some way, as being an immobile pillar is one of the ways that I would describe her energy field. 

What went on here?  I came up with 2 choices, although there may be more.  First of all, as she was coming to class, she may have been focusing on the spot where she usually stands, thus sending her energy ahead of her in time.  Where attention goes, energy flows, and I picked up on that part of her energy field that she had sent ahead.  Secondly, I may have been unconsciously projecting forward in time to when Kathy would have actually been standing behind me.  Now, if I had been sitting quietly in a chair instead of dancing to a funky beat, I would have been able to track this one.  Not saying that both are not true at the same time, either!  As a side note, for the first 3 days or so after my uncle died a few weeks ago, I could feel his energy around me.  It was very soft and loving, and quite nice. 

Everyone has the ability to feel these kinds of energies around them.  It helps to live a life with minimal distractions so that you are “tuned in” as you go about your day.  The unseen around you can be very subtle, too, so get used to paying attention to these realms. 

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