December 18, 2016

Closing in on the Winter Solstice

We are rapidly closing in on the most significant energetic moment of the whole year, the Winter Solstice.  Of course, I am writing this post for those in the Northern Hemisphere, as it will be Summer Solstice for those of you down south!  For my Australian and New Zealand contacts, you might want to bookmark this post and refer to it in 6 months time, as the same principles will apply to you then.

I consider the Winter Solstice and the shortest day to be the start of my new year.  It is a natural and organic time when the Sun appears to stop its journey south and begins tracking to the north and the lengthening of days.  New Years Day, on the other hand, is tied to the synthetically created calendar and does not have the energetic potency that the solstice does. 

This longest night of the year is the perfect time to create your intent for the year ahead.  Prepare your energetic garden first by digging up all of old, dead and rotted matter from the previous year.  It is time to examine and eliminate what no longer serves you.  Then, plant new seeds of positive intent into the moist fertile soil of your life.  The darkness of winter will incubate these seeds and encourage them to sprout and grow as the days grow longer. 

So, some sort of ceremony is in order, whether you join up with a group of like minded friends or do something in the privacy of your own home.  Contemplation and introspection are in order, focusing on letting go of old baggage and planting new seeds of positive intent.  I will be having a group of people here on the evening of the 20th for a fire ceremony, and then taking the 21st off for more personal work.  Interestingly enough, I have recently met several spiritually minded people who are either new to my group or new to the Cortez area.  It feels like my spiritual circle will be experiencing a shift, which is a good thing.  I will also be giving a workshop through Rise Multiversity on January 7th called “Setting Your Energetic Template for 2017” which will include sharing and several group meditations.  More on that as the time nears. 

My blessings go out to all of you reading this.  May each of you manifest your heart’s desire for the coming “New Year”! 


  1. What's enough, that's enough! Happy New Year Carla ;)
    2017 Kisses :+

  2. Hello Happy New Year 2017 ;)
    Hemi-Sync® IT'S JUST AMAZING :)

  3. It was a good one this year Carla, thank you for holding the container for all of us to come together. You are the best!!!