November 14, 2016

The Next Level

I’ve been chewing on this one for a while, and waited to write about it until I had more clarity.  Yesterday, our launching group met, and I used the following topic for my launches. 

About 10 days ago, while I was out hiking and enjoying the ongoing warm spell that we have been experiencing here, my attention was drawn to a place above my head.  From my experience, this is where I would find the location and energy of my Higher Self.  Now, instead of one glowing globe of light, there were at least 5 more there.  They were clearly related to each other in some way, and were having a very joyful interaction with each other. 

How were they related?  I determined that they were generated by the same Oversoul.  So let me explain.  Our incarnation here on planet earth is an extension of our Higher Self.  Our embodiment is comprised of our 4D energy field and our 3D physical body.  On the other side of the Great Void that separates the 4th and 5th dimensions resides our Higher Self, which is a 5th dimensional energy field.  On the next level up vibrationally, we find our Oversoul, which generates multiple Higher Selves.  The terminology that I am using is pretty standard, but feel free to relate this to any other framework that makes sense to you. 

Our Higher Self generates just one incarnation at a time down here, but the Oversoul above it generates multiple Higher Selves.  Not all of these Higher Selves are creating a physical embodiment at the same time.  Some are dormant, and some are creating incarnations in other time frames.  Not all of these embodiments are human, either.  Some are what we would call extraterrestrial and are not presently on this planet.  So you can see that the Oversoul has a pretty complicated job to do. 

My intent at the launching yesterday was to travel up to the Oversoul level and do some investigating.  What I found was a very active and dynamic energy form that was quite different from that of the Higher Self.  The Higher Self is more of an autonomous rotating torus, whereas the Oversoul is so very active because it is receiving and disseminating energetic patterns while connecting to the Monad above and multiple Higher Selves below, in addition to connecting to other Oversouls in a horizontal fashion.  It was like being in the center of a popcorn popper, with kernels going off randomly all around me.  The feeling was also like being inside of an organic computer that was managing many tasks at once. 

I then asked if all of the Higher Selves that one Oversoul manages were in the same soul group.  I got a “no”, but did not get any further explanation.  Perhaps this will come at a later date.  I have also felt for a long time that we as current human embodiments do not have the huge number of “past lives” that many claim, but have not had a firm explanation for this until now.   When I was doing more of the shamanic energy healing, past lives did not come up to be cleared that often.  With the Quantum Sphere Healing, because I am dealing with the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field, many more past lives show up during a client’s session. 

I am assuming now that the past life traumas of other Higher Self’s incarnations associated with the same Oversoul show up in the sessions because of that connection.  I hope I am making sense here!  So in other words, as we heal and raise our vibration, we have access to the much greater being that we are, thus access to that greater being’s traumas and distortions that need to be addressed.  What we resolve affects the whole of our Oversoul at this level of evolution. 

Of course, more will be revealed on this theme in the future.  As we expand into our greater whole, our tasks become greater but more fulfilling at the same time, too.


  1. I hope this is the last level! ;) Kiss

  2. nope, the last level is Source , which is the som of all the oversouls.