November 30, 2016

The Change

This morning I woke up to an outside temperature of 3° Fahrenheit.  Wow!  That was a shocker, especially since a mere 2 weeks ago I was hiking in shorts and a T shirt.  This started me thinking about how fast things can change, in this case, from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold.

As most of you can tell, “expect the unexpected” has become the norm for life as we know it.  Just look back at the events of this past year.  Crazy!  A year from now, it may be even crazier.  Life’s events can turn on a dime.  On the other hand, I like to think that there will be forewarnings of any major planetary upsets that may be coming in the future.  All events have already happened and exist simultaneously outside of time and space, and so can be accessed ahead of their manifestation on the physical plane and present time.  

As I have written before, I am intensely interested in the megalithic society that existed on Earth towards the end of the last Ice Age.  Our planet was hit with something around 12,900 years ago that threw it into a mini Ice Age called the Younger Dryas.  We had been warming up until that point, coming out of the last great Ice Age.  There are many theories about what hit the earth, from fragments of a passing comet, to a huge energy pulse coming from the center of our galaxy, to fragments from a super nova.  Whatever it was, it wiped out the mega fauna (wooly mammoth, giant sloth, saber tooth tiger, etc.) and the humans of the Clovis culture that lived in North America.  I would like to add that it also wiped out the culture that built the megalithic sites in Egypt, Peru and Bolivia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Indonesia to name a few. 

That cataclysm happened so suddenly that there was no way to prepare for it.  Did that advanced society have warning, and if so, what did they do about it?  That is a question that keeps coming up for me in regards to the great change that is upon us.  Many sources have spoken about this, and even though there is no way of predicting when this will happen, I have a feeling that it will happen sometime in the near future.  We are at the halfway point in the infamous 26,000 year cycle, and overdue for something. 

How will you prepare?  I don’t mean storing up food and water, either.  I mean spiritual preparedness.  Keeping your spiritual house in order at all times.  Processing all heavy energy events as they happen, dropping unnecessary baggage, and keeping your energy field as clean and clear as possible.  Be ready to turn on a dime if need be.  Living a life of gratitude and appreciation helps tremendously, too.  If the ancient megalithic society was advanced enough to lift, carve and place multi-ton stones, they very well might had the knowledge, vibrational level and expertise to just leave here intact and move on to their next cosmic assignment. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do that, too?  Throughout this blog and also through the “Tools for Transition” workshops that I created for Rise Multiversity, I have given more than enough information and processes for you to use to prepare for what is to come.  Treat each day as if it were your last.  I have been getting dreamlike impressions of moving through a series of veils, like popping through the surfaces of giant soap bubbles, and I plan on investigating this more. Is this how it will feel once we start to really move away from the physical plane?  If I get more, I will report on it.

In the mean time, for those who are interested in coming, I will be going back to Peru and Bolivia next June with a small group led by world megalithic expert Brien Foerster.  His web site is  Lots of very good U tube videos there.  This will be my next step in tuning in to and tracking this very ancient and advanced megalithic society.   I know that we can re-member our spiritually advanced technologies from that time, and be able to make our big move out of here when the big change hits the planet!

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