November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Time

Next week here in the states we are having our annual Thanksgiving holiday.  I prefer this holiday so much more than Christmas because it is truly about giving thanks for everything in your life, and also getting together with family and friends.  There are no expectations regarding gift giving, only good food and good company.  Here in my community, for those who have no place to go to, there are several organizations that provide an excellent free dinner for all who would like to partake. 

This past week, I found myself doing a recapitulation of sorts, reflecting back on all of the friends and relatives who have exited out of my life either by moving out of the area, passing away, or disconnecting a friendship.  Unfortunately, there have been a few friendships that have ended in a dramatic and messy way, and I was reflecting back on those, too.  

In spite of all of this, I went through my list of the above situations and thanked everyone for the positive part they played in my life, and there were many.   After all, there is no point in hanging on to the negative aspects any longer.  It felt really good to reflect on this, and I also realized that I had been hanging on to some distressing incidents for too long.  Time to drop that baggage!!!

Our family lost a beloved uncle about a week ago.  He was 85, a pillar of the community and a great support to each one of us.  I will be traveling to visit my aunt and some cousins for the holiday.   We will definitely be recalling many fond memories of him. 

So let me take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been reading this blog.  And all of you who have been supporting my work.  You make my efforts worthwhile.  Everyone take care of yourselves during the upcoming holiday season.  Many thanks to you all! 


  1. Carla, I'm so sorry your family lost such a wonderful man. I'm glad you will be together this week. Safe travels! And, thank you for your all-important insight and uplifting energy over the past year. I appreciate you!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay. I appreciate you, too. Happy Thanksgiving. Carla