October 19, 2016

Passing Through the Veil

Before I continue on with the photos from my trip, I just wanted to describe a few interesting things that happened while I was on the road.  In general I slept well, but found myself waking up much earlier that I normally would on most days.  One morning, as I slowly came to consciousness, the image above briefly flashed in front of my minds eye.  The background is one of the many scenes of the area, and the black wavy lines appeared to be a grid or matrix of some kind.  The matrix was alive with pulsing energy going up and down the black strands like cars traveling on a highway.  Right away, my thought was that I was looking at an aspect of the synthetic matrix. 

A few days later, at the same time of awakening, a similar image presented itself, only this time, the grid was kind of squashed in the middle, presenting more of a flowing pattern.  Again, my distinct impression was that this was a matrix type control mechanism, and that is should not be there at all. 

My curiosity was piqued, and I wondered how I could get back to that place again and investigate.  These images showed themselves in a millisecond of time, and the key would be to find that particular vibrational level and hover there with conscious intent.  Very tricky!  That is why I named it the veil for our purposes here.  It is a very thin and delicate area with sleep on one side, and waking consciousness on the other. 

Out of body travelers may recognize this as the state that they get into right before going out of body, namely "body asleep, mind awake".  In their case, it is a state that they pass through and do not linger in.  In my case, I would certainly like to experience lingering there to see what that place is all about.  If indeed I was looking at an aspect of the synthetic matrix, it has been cleverly hidden at this very fine vibrational level. 

We all pass through this vibrational level upon waking or upon going to sleep.  In fact, the first night I was home, I fell spontaneously into the "body asleep, mind awake" zone since my body was fatigued from traveling, but my mind was alert with all of the busyness of returning home.  The interesting thing was that a mantra started repeating in my consciousness saying something like "I am completely conscious" over and over and over.  It also felt like I was leaving my body.  Since I have never had an OBE, what came to mind was that this is what it might feel like to die.  Or at least the ideal way to die where we maintain consciousness so that we can direct our path away from the tunnel of light and onwards to our chosen destiny, or "home". 

What I recommend is that, if you can, allow a few days a week where you do not have to get up at a certain time, and do not set an alarm.  Then, train yourself to awaken your consciousness before your body even starts moving around, and do your best to hover in that state.  It may turn out that this very fine and delidate zone is actually a portal to another world. Who knows what you might find there! 

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