October 15, 2016

Back to Business

I took the past week off to hike some of the trails and slot canyons around Page Arizona.  It was so nice to get a break from life as usual, which I highly recommend to everyone.  We can get so used to the hectic pace of life that it becomes the norm and not the exception!

This trip was with a group of very nice people, mostly retired, although none of them were spiritual seekers.  I was asked numerous times to describe what I do, and got used to seeing the confused looks on their faces as I tried to explain my occupation and spiritual outlook on life.

Also, looking back on all of the trips that I have taken, whether spiritually oriented or not,  I was much more likely to encounter rude and entitled travelers on the spiritually oriented trips.  That has always puzzled me.  Why are the so called more aware people not as aware of their bad behavior? There was none of that on this trip, which made interactions with the other people on the whole very pleasant. 

Those of us working our stuff and doing our best to progress spiritually and energetically often need a reminder that the vast majority of the human race does not live like that.  In fact, very few do.  Are we doing the heavy lifting for the rest of  them?  Are we a very tiny minority?  Are there others working their path in secret, even from themselves?

I occasionally get a client who laments that they have no "spiritual" or like minded friends, and that causes them a sense of loneliness or not belonging.  We cannot expect the people that we interact with to necessarily share our viewpoint on the world, but that does not mean that we cannot find common ground for friendship.  Spiritual work can become a drag at times, too, and it is nice to get a break from that.

I will be sharing photos and as few insights from the trip in coming posts.  More to come. 

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