October 2, 2016

Aspen Glow

This week, the fall colors are at their peak here in the mountains of southwest Colorado.  Leaf peepers are everywhere!  Today, I finally had a chance to go up into the mountains to hike and enjoy the marvelous display that we are having this year.  I did not drive up to the area where I usually pick mushrooms, but instead chose a spot north of the town of Mancos in the La Plata Mountains, a totally different mountain range. 

The trail is an old dirt road that winds its way through aspen and blue spruce.  It is now off limits to automobile traffic, but is open to just about everything else.  It is a good thing that I got up early to start my hike, since, as the morning wore on, the road became sporadically busier with people on motorcycles and ATV’s.  There were a few other hikers and bicyclists, but no horses today.  Luckily, there was much peace and quiet in between the passing vehicles, and most of that was on the first part of the hike.  

The weather was partly cloudy, and what struck me the most was the golden fall glow of the aspen leaves.  They seemed to have a special power of some sort, even appearing to glow from within.  Even when the sun went behind the clouds, they glowed just as strongly.  What a contrast they made to the dark bluish green of the spruce trees.   
Every once in a while, I would encounter a delightful surprise of a contrasting burst of red from the leaves of a gambel’s oak or a mountain mahogany. 
 I like to hike to an overlook that faces our local sacred mountain, Hesperus Peak.  When I got there, I sat down to watch the spectacle and meditate a bit.  As the sun danced with the clouds, the slopes leading up to the peak looked like they were undulating with waves of pale yellow, gold, orange and dark green.  It was a fascinating sight of color and movement.  All of those nature spirits were certainly having a good time today!  
As most of you know, I like to observe and commune with nature as a part of my spiritual path, and today was no exception.  I felt like I was walking down Dorothy’s “Yellow Brick Road”!
What was the magic of those golden aspen leaves, I asked?  Why is that color and vibration so captivating for people?  Right away I knew that the beautiful golden yellow color was activating my 5th dimensional heart core essence.  Who could resist the natural expansion that occurs in that kind of environment? 

So, are you glowing?  Are you able to expand into that state that on some level is natural for all of us?  Can you naturally radiate your higher dimensional energy from within for all to see and feel?  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this time of year provides a “golden” opportunity to be outdoors when the leaves on the trees have turned color.  Go outside and find a tree that has turned a beautiful golden yellow.  Just stand before it, expand your core essence, commune and receive.  This is a gift from that tree just before all of its leaves die and drop to the ground in preparation for winter.  It is transmitting to you the energy of your divine self.  Accept in gratitude and appreciation.

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