August 19, 2016

Addiction to Suffering

Are you addicted to suffering?  When something negative happens in your life, do you quickly amplify the energy of that event and go into a state of depression?  Do you hang onto that negativity long after the event has passed?  Do you have strong beliefs that life in general is difficult and unsupportive, that you will never have what you need for a productive and supported life, and that you are often a victim?  Can you see how all of this can lead to occasional or chronic depression? 

The many aspects of the definition of suffering include experiencing discontent, distress, misery, hardship, and physical, emotional or mental pain.  Certainly all of these things exist in relationship to our life on planet earth.  This is a tough place to live, but on the other side of the coin, the most growth can be achieved in the worst of circumstances.  In fact, that is exactly why we are all here at this time in the evolution of the planet and the human race. 

So stuff happens.  That is a given.  It is our reaction to that stuff that matters!  We can take the high road or the low road.  I am not saying that we simply just ignore the distressing events that happen to us.  If we were to do that, no growth would occur at all and we would have to re-experience these events over and over until we finally get it.  Now that is real suffering! 

On the other hand, over attachment to those negative events, or having an addiction to the suffering, keeps us just as stuck and unproductive.  Several years ago I wrote a post called “The Big Brown Cloud”.  In it I described what the energy feels like coming from a person who is addicted to their suffering.  It literally takes the form of a dark cloud that follows that person everywhere, and has the energy of depression.  In addition to the psychological ramifications, the health of the body suffers as well because of the heavy energy that the person carries around in their body.  Since most people who read this blog are of a sensitive and perceptive nature, most of you know the feeling you get when in the presence of someone like this.  You can’t get away from them fast enough! 

What is the solution here?  If something distressing happens to you, fully acknowledge the event without hanging on to it for any length of time.  Process through your emotions and reactions and come to completion with what happened.   Learn the lessons and move on.  If you are suffering from a physical issue, remember that even if the body is suffering, the psyche does not need to.  If you have a deeply ingrained belief that you are trapped in a universe that is built around keeping you in suffering and domination, it is time to rethink that philosophy.  You truly have all of the power here.  The change starts from within you.


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