July 27, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 9 Ready for Purchase

My "Tools for Transition" Workshop Part 9 entitled "Healing Inner Wounds" is now ready for purchase in the Rise Multiversity store.  To purchase this very valuable workshop, please go here

If you are at all interested in making and maintaining a healthy connection with your own inner guidance, the wounds that you carry from early life must be healed first.  In this workshop, participants learned how to heal these early life traumas by working with the tools of the Inner Baby and Inner Child. 

Our next workshop will take place on Saturday August 27th, and this will be the last workshop in the "Tools for Transition" series.  Part 10 is entitled "Putting it All Together" and will be a summary of the previous workshops.  More on this will be forthcoming.  I do plan on reviewing and reinforcing the Inner Child work done in Part 9, so if you did not participate in that workshop, I encourage you to
do so before August 27th. 

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