July 8, 2016

The Lens of Woundedness

I am sure most of you have heard of the concept of creating your own reality.  This is not a simple premise, as we all create our reality on many levels and through many aspects of ourselves every day.  What I would like to write about today is looking at your reality through the lens of woundedness.  The major wounds that we experience and are imprinted on us occur mainly from conception through the first few years of life.  Children are so very impressionable and malleable, and because they lack the ability to process traumas, these traumas can remain with them their whole life long.  Behaviors and beliefs about one’s world are created as a result of the traumas that have never healed. 

These energetic distortions, if they are not recognized and healed as we get older, proceed to create our reality through what I call the “lens of woundedness”.  We see the world through these wounds because we do not know any other way of viewing our reality.  For example, someone who was traumatized by violence in the family as a child learned to view the world as a very dangerous place and lives with chronic fear.  One who has abandonment issues might regard the world as a very lonely place.  They may spend their lifetime trying to recreate the family that abandoned them physically or emotionally as a child. 

In addition, if the wounds are not recognized, embraced and healed, the tendency of humans is to project their woundedness into their world.  Notice that I say “their”, since the reality that they live in is not necessarily that of the human race at large.  Everyone is looking through a different lens, and it can be pretty easy to read the energy of the childhood traumas from a person who has a certain outlook on life.  They can project into their world the fear that resulted from an unstable beginning in life as the feeling that we are all being attacked, used, manipulated, enslaved, etc.  This viewpoint colors their beliefs and interactions with others.  Note that I am not saying that none of this is not happening, but again, is this the reality that you want to create for yourself? 

What about someone who grew up in poverty and hoards money, possessions or food even though they currently have plenty of all of this and there is no chance of running out of life’s necessities.  Another big red flag for me is people who have a need to help everyone around them even though no help has been asked for.  I label this the codependent caretaker.  Their inner woundedness is crying out for healing, and this is what is being projected onto those around them instead.  If you fall into this category, ask yourself, who really needs the help? 

So it may be a good time to really examine the personal lens through which you view your world.  How valid is it?  Are you dragging your unhealed childhood wounds around with you every day?  Are you re-experiencing these raw wounds frequently?   Remember the phrase that says “The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality”.  In this respect, we really are creating what we experience around us.  Be willing to break out of your box and see with a clear eye what you need to address that is a holdover from childhood.

To that end, my next Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshop is coming up on Saturday July 16th , and is entitled “Healing Inner Wounds”.  I have already begun holding the sacred space for the group that will be gathering, so please join us. I will post more on the workshop in the next day or so.


  1. And funny Carla that you have posted this at 4:44 PM :-)

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. No accidents, no coincidences!