May 17, 2016

Back to Business

It’s been a crazy 6 weeks or so with teaching, traveling, and local excursions for botany, bird watching and archeology.  Whew!!!  Today, I am finally feeling like I can catch up and take a break.  On top of that, we are having a rainy week, so I will be more or less forced to stay inside and take care of business.  Last week we had our annual Cortez Birding Festival, and I was able to add 3 new birds to my life list.  On Sunday, I went on a birding tour to a part of Mesa Verde National Park that is not open to the public.  Even though I was supposed to be looking at the birds, my focus was more on the plants that were there, and I found a pincushion cactus and a yellow violet that are very rare in our county.  That was a thrill.  If all goes as planned, this coming Saturday I will go with another group to check out an area north of here that is slated to eventually become one of our state parks.   We want to see if would be good for a birding tour for next year’s festival. 

So, yesterday, I got an e-mail from Adrian, the Rise Multiversity adman, asking about the topic for my next on line workshop.  Alas my respite will be brief as I have to start planning that course in a few days.  The date for the next workshop is Saturday June 4th, and the topic is “The Journey of the Soul”.  More on that later. 

This morning I e-mailed him back and immediately started getting information.  Now, this is not necessarily what I will be addressing in the workshop, but some of this may be included depending on what I receive between now and then.  As soon as I turned my attention to the topic of the soul, I could feel my soul vibrating and pulsating with a very rapid expansion and contraction motion, as fast as hummingbird wings.  My soul told me that it wants to be free and unfettered.  It wants to throw off its shackles and experience its ecstatic union with my higher self. 

I could also tell that the pathway that I mapped through the death journey going out or the connection from “home” coming in was still intact.  I can’t overemphasize enough the mapping of that pathway for yourself, so that at the time of your departure from the 4th dimensional realms, you can traverse that route easily without getting lost or distracted.  I have written often about that route, and also led the death journey during the Rise Multiversity workshop entitled “The Journey Through Death and Beyond”. 

I would also like to mention that your build up of escape velocity is a gradual affair having to do with your level of clarity, vibration, amount of baggage that has been dropped, and your familiarity with the route you will take upon your exit.  Preparations must be made! 

With all of the distractions and activity of the recent weeks, I had very little time to just sit and tune in.  Remember that your thoughts have power, and when you tune in with intent, you are automatically connected to the object of your thoughts, as is what happened to me this morning.  On the negative side, when you make a visual or consciousness connection, you run the risk of actually changing the energy of what you are connecting with.  It pays to be very aware of where your thoughts take you, as the higher your vibration and the more expanded your energy field, the more powerful is the effect that you have on others.  That is why I so enjoy being out in nature, as the surroundings are clean and pure without distraction.  It is easier for your thoughts to be that way, too! 

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