April 9, 2016

Soul as a 4 D Construct

I am getting packed up for another short hiking trip out of town and wanted to post something before I go, as the next post will be at least a week from now.  This is a topic that I have been aware of for some time now, but haven’t really detailed it out in any comprehensive way.  I’d like to speak about the nature of our souls. 

Now, “soul” is a term that everyone is familiar with, but most people use it in a sort of general nebulous way.  So, let’s define it first.  We exist at various continuous levels of consciousness from source all the way down to our physical bodies.  The level above the physical, in other words, our embodiment in the 4th dimension, is occupied by our soul.   When one leaves the body for the last time and exits the 4th dimensional matrix, the soul is the part of us that pierces the great void or membrane that separates the 4th and 5th dimensions. At that time, it merges with our Higher Self, which is a 5th dimensional aspect of ourselves.  If we are proceeding further up through the dimensional bandwidths, it is our Higher Self and then our Spirit that does the traveling. 

I first became aware of the exact vibrational location of the soul during my shamanic training.  In that training, we used a 9 chakra system, which included the 7 chakras that were in the body, the 8th chakra, the soul, which was also called  the Wiracocha, which resided about 6 inches above the head and within our Luminous Energy Field, and Spirit which was located in a spot outside of time and space further above the head and outside of the Luminous Energy Field.  Keeping in mind that the skin of the LEF is our personal border between our 4 D and 5 D energy fields, it was clear from those teachings that soul resides in the 4th dimension. 

In addition, the teachings state that upon death, all of the energy patterns or distortions that we did not heal while we were living would get resorbed back into the Wiracocha, or soul, and await the next incarnation to be reinstalled with the hopes that these patterns would finally get healed.  There is catch here, as not all of your energetic distortions could be chosen by your Higher Self to be manifested in the next lifetime, although it may seem to some of you that you are dealing with a very big package of stuff this time around!  The only way to dissolve these inactive distortions is some sort of spiritual practice that raises your vibration on an ongoing basis.  This will dissolve the dormant patterns so that you do not take them with you into the next incarnation.  Grounding and expanding your core essence daily are great ways of raising your vibration. 

If you are interested in the whole process of leaving the 4th dimensional earthly arena for good, I detail that out in the Rise Multiversity workshop Part 6 entitled “The Journey through Death and Beyond”.  In light of everything that I have written so far and taught in the Part 6 workshop, it is clear to me that our souls have been hijacked by the synthetic matrix to be recycled and fed off of over and over again.  Isn’t it time that we exited that system for good? 

So here is the rub.  The concept of soul has been romanticized in story and song for many thousands of years.  People get weepy just thinking about it!  Is this another part of the deception, to create an undue attachment to our souls so that we are reluctant to allow ourselves to transition out of them and on to a higher level when the time comes?  Is this a trap in disguise?  Think about it. 

On April 23rd I will be presenting my Part 7 workshop for Rise Multiversity which will deal with the hijacking of our DNA.  It is starting to look like all of the organic 4th dimensional energetic structures that create our lives here in 3 D have been taken over by the synthetic matrix for its own purposes.  My goal is to bring these deceptions to light and to provide remedies for all of them. 

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