April 4, 2016

A Long Weekend

I got back late yesterday after spending a long weekend south of here in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As you can see from the photo above, spring is in full force in Santa Fe, while because of our recent snow and chilly weather, we are just getting started here in Cortez.

I had a chance to visit with several of my girlfriends.  It's always nice to see how they are working their spiritual path, and to compare notes regarding that.  Everyone is doing so well, and hunkering down to work their stuff. 

Friday we shopped in Santa Fe, hiked at the Bandelier National Monument on Saturday, and I stopped quite a few times to take photos on my way back home on Sunday as I drove through Georgia O'Keeffe country.

Now back to business before I leave again on Sunday for a week long hiking trip.  The background chaotic energy that I have written about is still churning along, and my sense is that all we can do at this point is to take care of our personal business as best we can and be in the best shape possible spiritually, mentally and physically.  In other words, do your inner work and take care of the body as well.  Listen to your guidance daily.  Treat yourself with love.

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