February 6, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 5

Our next “Tools for Transition” workshop is coming up on Saturday February 13th at the usual time, 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern time here in the US.  The topic for this workshop is “Bringing Your Shadow to Light”.  To register and purchase your ticket, please go here.  

I am particularly excited about presenting this information, because shadow work holds the biggest key to knowing who you are at your core and working with and healing the hidden and wounded aspects of yourself.  Unless the patterns that these wounds have created are recognized, unearthed, and owned, they will continue to create difficulties in your life. 

Since your shadow exists deep in your subconscious and unconsciousness, it can cause you to react negatively to any number of stimuli without really knowing what is pushing your buttons.  That can be very frustrating and counterproductive.  In addition to that, the shadow can only be known indirectly through projection and mirroring.  This is tricky business indeed!  By the end of this workshop, your unknowns will become more known to you so that you can start to respond instead of react. 

I will start this workshop with teachings on what your shadow is and where it can be found.  I will then lead several energetic exercises to help you easily recognize and work with your shadow aspects.  These exercises can be repeated by you at any time after the workshop.  Remember that our goal in this lifetime is to achieve total awareness so that we can become the creators and masters of our destiny.  Please join me in taking your next step in achieving this goal. 

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