January 13, 2016

Working Your Stuff

The next two “Tools for Transition” workshops with Rise Multiversity share a common theme.  Both have to deal with recognizing what your issues are, and then, how to handle working with those issues.  We will be starting out gently with the Part 4 workshop on Saturday January 16th entitled “Setting Your Energetic Template for 2016”.  For more information on that, go to my previous post describing the workshop.  
The Part 5 workshop is tentatively scheduled for Saturday February 13th, and our topic will be shadow work.  I find that across the board, people have a great deal of difficulty in determining what their issues actually are, as most of the time, the issues are buried deep in the shadow.   Also, if you do not have a sense for what is not working in your life, how can anything be done to resolve the difficulties?  You may be aware of negative emotional responses, but that just means you are reacting to an unknown stimulus.  Between the Part 4 and Part 5 workshops, I hope to raise your awareness and give you tools to work your issues more effectively. 

Please join me for my workshop on January 16th so that your New Year can start off in the most productive way possible!  See you then. 

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